last week american choppers went to england, scotland and ireland.
ohhhh, that was the wrong thing for me to watch.
(and no, it wasn’t my choice to watch it–it was hubby’s)
ever since then i’ve been dying to go back!
oh, and then miss issy from scotland ordered something that day too.
rub it in. ;)
so because i can’t go anywhere right now,
i decided to live vicariously through the stuck in customs guy.
it’s been a while since i “traveled” there.
found this photo of london.
had to make it my background.
love his unique style and vision.
so, question is:
where do you wanna go?
and if you tell me you are going somewhere?
i’m going to pull a ‘caroline’ from the comments in yesterday’s post,
plug my ears, and say “la la la la la la la la ” so i won’t be green with envy. ;)
if i had time, money, and the true talent, i would be a travel photographer.
maybe in my next life.