this+that: lucky . . . break it down

How To Use The Kit You can use this kit with many-a digital craft cutters, such as Silhouette, Pazzles and Cricut. Anything that can use an SVG/DXF/AIv8 file. If you are using Cricut, you'll need to use something like old versions of Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or Make The Cut (MTC). These programs allow you to use SVG files with your Cricut. And if you don't have a digital craft cutter? No worries. You can create it digitally! THIS POST has some great information on how to do that. Distribution and Use of the File I've had to make some alternate file saving [...]

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this+that: lucky

Are ya feelin' lucky? Well, are ya?  Okay. I guess I'm in touch with my inner Clint Eastwood right now. A few monster days of sitting in my chair for hours on end can craze up a gal from time to time. ;) But the This & That: Lucky kit is finally done! Yahoo! This kit has the flavor of St. Patrick's and the luck of the Irish, but it's more Lucky/Life is Good/Spring so that it's a bit more universal-ish--a nice, somewhat holiday, home dec item.   Here's a few tips about the kit: Letter with weedy flower. (I [...]

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almost in the moment a sweet couple from washington d.c. sent us a couple photos last night, probably almost immediately after the boys enjoyed what looked like a very nice meal! felt like we were almost there. loved it. my son is on the right there. less than seven weeks and he's home!   casey abrams this guy rocks! american idol fans out there? this guy is my favorite! i would buy an album of him singing and playing his bass in his jazzy way . . . right. now. if you haven't seen this guy yet, watch THIS and this: [...]

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did you ever feel like…

. . . your week was one big road sign? With the Monday holiday and some other unexpected things, my work week hit one of these:     Therefore, with the new Lucky kit because I still have some of this going on today. This could easily be applied to my office as it looks like a bomb went off right now. There's nowhere that's clean! Piles upon piles...   Needless to say, I'm feeling like I'm stuck behind some yahoo doin' 25 in a 35. (That happens a lot on a particular road here--drives me nuts!) Shootin' for it [...]

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made me laugh

So the cat goes on a tear through the house. Gets all spastic and playful and such running up and down stairs from room to room.Often runs into the downstairs bathroom onto the toilet--with the lid shut, of course.One day? Dan didn't shut the lid.One day? I heard *splash*!One wet cat.Laughed my behinder off.It's the little things that can really make your day. :)

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three words.

the amazing race.okay, let's make it four words . . . YAHOOOOOOOO!nobody better bug me tonight! :)

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sneak peek and friday freebie

Wellllll, today's a fun day! I don't know about you, but I needed something fun. Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on us . . . giving us a glorious hint of spring only to take it all away and give us blustery cold temperatures and grey skies. Oy. Sucks your energy out, doesn't it? And I keep seeing commercials with full trees, green grass and blue skies. Ohhh the taunting! So today, not only do I have a Friday Freebie for ya, but I have a sneak peek and preorder for next month's kit! Let's start with the [...]

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complete happiness

  Just the cover alone makes you want to buy this album. Previewing it on iTunes will seal the deal for sure! How can you go wrong with a song like I Do Adore and lyrics like this: Everything you do it sends me Higher than the moon with every Twinkle in your eye You strike a match that lights my heart on fire Or these from Whole Wide World: I’m gonna live a crazy dream Impossible as it may seem Doesn’t matter what the future brings I’m gonna live a crazy dream I wanna hold the whole wide world [...]

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Today is the day of loooove. A day when we all show our love to one another through hugs and kisses, sweet little notes, sugar cookies, candy suckers and all sorts of things. I have to tell ya, sometimes I miss the kids writing out all their Valentines  . . . aaaaand sometimes I don't. So to help celebrate today, I'm sharing a little love with all of you! Here's the new Smitten kit. Price: $8 It has a little bit of everything too. Titles, decorations, and even some digital icons that you can size and use with your circle [...]

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making a lace paper

I loooove lacey papers. And I looooove tone-on-tone backgrounds. You might remember this page I made quite some time ago. Did you know that you can make your own lace paper with your single-image shapes? If you didn't know, wanna see how? You know that's a rhetorical question, right? ;) Open any shape into your cutting software.  For my example, I'm using the flower that came in the Every Little Thing kit.   Resize it in whatever sizes you need, copy the shapes, and rotate and place them so that the edges of the petals overlap a little. (I chose [...]

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