I loooove lacey papers. 
And I looooove tone-on-tone backgrounds.
You might remember this page I made quite some time ago.
Did you know that you can make your own lace paper with your single-image shapes? 
If you didn’t know, wanna see how?  
You know that’s a rhetorical question, right? ;)
Open any shape into your cutting software.
 For my example, I’m using the flower that came in the Every Little Thing kit.

Resize it in whatever sizes you need, copy the shapes, and rotate and place them so that the edges of the petals overlap a little. (I chose three sizes to have some kind of consistency.)

Once you have all your flowers laid out (let them go over the edge), select them all (Ctrl-A), choose Object/Modify/Weld. For SCAL, choose Object/Merge. For MTC, choose Edit/Shape Magic/Weld.

For whatever reason in my example, there was one petal that lost its little insides. If that occurs, simply choose another petal, copy and paste it where you need it. Rotate it a tiny bit, if necessary, by clicking on the little green dot of the selected image (in Silhouette Studio).

Voila! You’re done! You’ve made your very own lace paper! 
If you want, you can draw a square or rectangle around the area that you need or, just let it cut it out as you see it and trim it however you need it.