Today is the day of loooove.
A day when we all show our love to one another through hugs and kisses, sweet little notes, sugar cookies, candy suckers and all sorts of things.
I have to tell ya, sometimes I miss the kids writing out all their Valentines
 . . . aaaaand sometimes I don’t.
So to help celebrate today, I’m sharing a little love with all of you!

Here’s the new Smitten kit.
Price: $8

It has a little bit of everything too.

Titles, decorations, and even some digital icons that you can size and use with your circle punches.

The title “The Very Thought Of You” is done in my usual manner—you can cut it as all one piece or use the complementary pieces to do a two-color title.

I have serious issues with wanting to overload the kits with all the ideas in my head. ;)

I hope you all have a wonderfully loving day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I also wanted to do a quick shout out and say “hello” to all the new French and Ukrainian guests that have stopped by over the past week or two! Welcome! Hope you continue to stop by “in my neck of the woods.”

Isn’t this time of our lives amazing? That we can connect with people all over the world?
Love it!