almost in the moment
a sweet couple from washington d.c. sent us a couple photos last night, probably almost immediately after the boys enjoyed what looked like a very nice meal! felt like we were almost there. loved it.

my son is on the right there.
less than seven weeks and he’s home!


casey abrams
this guy rocks! american idol fans out there? this guy is my favorite! i would buy an album of him singing and playing his bass in his jazzy way . . . right. now. if you haven’t seen this guy yet, watch THIS and this:

been my fave since first seeing him in his audition.

with six you get eggroll
okay, so maybe it’s “with visiting” you get eggroll. every month a friend of mine and i go visit a lady from vietnam who’s lived in this country for 40 years. she is the funniest lady . . . a little ball of energy. last night, as we walked into her house, the smell of their delectable food was more immediate than usual. she said, “just a minute” and walked out with a huge stack of eggrolls . . . one box for each of us.

oh. my. gosh!

they are divine! 

since my friend lives next door to her, she’s often the recipient of such delight, but this was my first time getting to taste those little round, deep fried tubes of wonder. my husband called them asian taquitos.

who cares if my clothes still smell like fried food.

totally worth it.

guess what i’m having for lunch today.

what the #@!#%$ blankety blank blank????!!
more snow???

and a few inches???

that’s all i’m saying.

i refuse to give snow any more of my time.
don’t want it to think i like it (at this time on the calendar) in any way.
it’s getting no attention from me.

one flew over the cuckoo’s nest
survivor fans?


need i say more???

and don’t you just love boston rob? he better stick around for a long time!
although, i was surprised at what happened this week.