this+that: spring

I do declare! Spring has finally arrived! And I ain't just talkin' about the kit either. Beeeaautiful day here in the land of "Sprinter". ;) Suppose to even get up to 70 for the weekend. Of course, it is the "warm before the storm" as it drops to a whoppin' 47 on Sunday. Ugh. Typical. Oh well, I'll enjoy it while it's here! Okay, enough about the weather . . . here's the This & That: Spring kit! Here are a few tips about the kit. First, I never have much of a reason to go buy anything after being [...]

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food for thought

Busy, busy, busy trying to wrap up this Spring kit. In the meantime, I thought I'd leave you with these little golden nuggets of contemplation.Is it counter-productive to be sweeping the leaves off your driveway on a very windy day?(yes, I some guy doing this yesterday)Is it wrong to be jealous of your cat sleeping on your bed all day long?Is putting all the layers of crud on your desk--that's been taking up three feet of space--into one, nicely piled little box to put somewhere else until you can really take care of it considered cleaning?Is it wrong to excitedly shout [...]

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feeling a little A.D.D.

today's topics:  sneak peak | friday freebie | warning (see what I mean about a.d.d.?) Wow. I certainly have had an interesting week. I think with the stress of everything going on, it's causing a focusing problem. lol  I'm flitting from one project to another, trying to work on it all or work on things while I'm in the mood for it--or while I'm inspired or on a roll for it. the sneak peak This little bout of ADD has caused me to not be able to focus on creating the next This & That kit in my normal manner. [...]

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borderlines #1

Do you ever have thoughts rolling around in your head for a few days--kind of fuzzy but you know they are there. Then one morning you wake up doing an Arnold Horshack going "Oooh! Oooh!" (Okay, did I just date myself by mentioning Arnold Horshack? My daughter was asking me this morning who Elizabeth Taylor was.) So yeah, I had one of those "Oooh! Oooh!" mornings and felt compelled to put this baby together. (Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8 and JPG/PNG) Price: $7 I am so in love with the giant flower to use as a full side border along a page. [...]

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storyboard #2 & the winners!

Alright, alright. I know I said I was done with the storyboards for a while . . . but I can't stop myself! :) It's madness, I tell you! Here's another fun set for you to play with, including one new style with frames and shadows! (I was feeling saucy.) Price: $7 So if you've been playing with my storyboard templates (aka clipping masks), you'll be familiar with using all of them except this one style: (I added an additional composite outside border and shadow just for visual sake here on the ol' blog.) It kind of has a magazine feel [...]

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you’ll never look at marshmallows . . .

. . . the same way again.(normally i don't post these kinds of things, but my cousin tia (the photographer) shared thisand i think i laugh harder every time i see it. had to share.)Don't forget to enter the Lucky You contest in yesterday's post below!P.S. I somehow missed grabbing the SVG file when zipping up the freebie yesterday,so if you needed that file format, you can download it again and it will be there. Whoops. :)

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lucky you!

I'm in touch with my inner Irish today.I mean, it's St. Patrick's Day, so we all should be, right? Okay, so maybe I'm not Irish, but I'm part Scottish and it's in the vicinity. And my husband's family is Irish--and therefore my kids are, so we're all good there, right? And besides, I'm eating mint green frosted brownies, so I must be in touch with my inner-green. So, with that being said,  Let's celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a giveaway! Just leave a comment in today's post telling me why you feel so Lucky (or blessed :) ),  and I'll draw [...]

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on the edge

Okay, first off, is this Freudian or something that I made a kit called this??? Price: $5 (comes in SVG/AIv8/STUDIO/DXF, but no PNG/JPG) This kit is designed to work in conjunction with any shape you'd like-- rectangle, square, rounded rectangle, circle, etc. There are three sets of edges: circles, squares and rectangles. Each set has a short and a long edge as well as a distressed combination. Also, each set has one with no lines, a single line, or a cut out line. You all know how I like variety. I never can decide, so choice is veddy veddy good. [...]

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a quick note

If you haven't been over to the uber talented Jennifer McGuire's blog to see her brand-new look, you might should go check out this amazing chick's site today! *hint*She just might be giving away something . . . (as well as other FABulous stuff this past week!)

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