I’m feeling saucy!
Today there’s both a new kit and a Friday Freebie!

Let’s start with the free stuff first, eh?
Something kind of love-ee, something kind of Irish-ee, kind of St. Patrick’s-ee . . .
Okay, just something fun for whatever the occasion. :)

You can download this file for free HERE.

If you’ll notice, the Silhouette version isn’t a GSD file anymore–it’s now a STUDIO file. With the latest update of the Silhouette Studio software, importing files works wonderfully so I don’t have to use my old software to make GSD files. More importantly, I don’t have to use my PC anymore! I feel like that baby is still a chain around my ankle. I’ve been longing to get rid of the unit down by my feet. Mamma wants more leg room! ;)

Now for the new kit: Picture That

Price: $7

This kit has the same template layouts as Picture This,
but it now has white space between the photos along with the outer edge.

They are still in 8×10 format, therefore, photo sizes will differ slightly
than Picture This due to the white space.

Variety, I always say. :)
And I know some of you had asked for these as well.

Got any big plans for the weekend?
I’m thinking maybe I need to start on my son’s room.
Maybe . . . maybe not . . .

How lazy can one person be on a weekend anyway? ;)