Two new template kits today!

Picture This
[Go Long]


Picture That [Go Long]

Just like the original Picture This + Picture That kits, one has the white space and one does not.

chocolate. vanilla. again.

They are 10″ x 5″ templates, but of course can be sized and rotated as needed.
Works in Photoshop + Photoshop Elements.

Additionally, I’ve had a request or two for a 1.25″ square template for those of you
who are creating your monthly pages like Miss Nichol Magouirk (see HERE).

In there!

Here’s what the templates look like:

Price: $7

This stuff is seriously addicting. I mean, I’ve used my own “hand-made” templates as I needed them, but this is so nice to just create a bunch all at one time to have on hand to use as I need them. Hopefully you’ll be just as excited as I am to have them too! :) A square version will find its way here soon too.

I thought I’d play around with one of them, just to see it in action. The beauty of these is that you don’t have to just use them “as is.” Change a square to black or a complementary color and use it as a text box, add brushes, text, change a photo to black and white….it’s crazy what you can do to personalize it how you want!

So here’s what it looks like just as it is. It’s nice. It’s clean and simple. I like it.
I use my templates this way a lot.

But now here’s what it looks like all duded up.
Adds a totally different flavor. I’ll call this one Rocky Road.

I added a simple black photo frame, a black rectangle with text, a title,
and then used a few grunge brushes to make it look more like an old photo.
Okay, so you’re probably looking at the grouping of photos and thinking,
“Hey! That upper right photo had two spaces, not one.”
Right? You’ve all got that going through your head right now?
Okay, so be honest, you probably didn’t even notice. lol
Remember how I said the possibilities are endless?
Well, here’s how you can manipulate the template to fit your needs
 with the photos you may be using for your own project.
Pull in the photo. As you can see, there are two rectangles (masks) there in the upper right.

Select both layers by clicking on one, holding down the Shift key and clicking on the other one. You’ll see both layers highlight in the Layers Palette too.

Right click and you’ll see the option to Merge Layers in the drop-down box. Click on it.


The two layers  now become one.
The rectangle area (mask) will still “look” like two because of the shading,
but it’s really only one as you can see in the Layers palette.

Now, once you’ve clipped the layer and your photo together,
it will look like what you saw at the top of the post.
i. love. clipping masks.

[for more info on how to use masks/collage templates, refer to this post HERE]