I’m in touch with my inner Irish today.I mean, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so we all should be, right?
Okay, so maybe I’m not Irish, but I’m part Scottish and it’s in the vicinity. And my husband’s family is Irish–and therefore my kids are, so we’re all good there, right? And besides, I’m eating mint green frosted brownies, so I must be in touch with my inner-green.
So, with that being said, 

Let’s celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
with a giveaway!
Just leave a comment in today’s post telling me why you feel so Lucky (or blessed :) )
and I’ll draw a winner for each prize on Monday!
(and just to clarify–that “spending moola” is used towards kits here ;) )
But wait, there’s more!
(i love saying that)
Continuing on with theLucky You theme, here’s a freebie for today.

You can download it for free HERE.

It’s also a two-piecer . . . one complete shape and its complementary color shape.

And now I shall leave you with one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day songs.
Okay, so maybe it’s not technically a St. Patrick’s Day song (I’m not technically Irish either),
but it’s called St. Patrick’s Day . . . by John Mayer.
Close enough, isn’t it?

(love him singing in his 3/4 time.)

I just want to add, I am very lucky for all the friends and fans I have made here.
You guys brighten my life every day.
Thank you.