it’s almost here

Got my little fingers and mouse working fast and furiously. Just another day or two and the This & That: Summertime kit will be here! In the meantime, here's another little sneak peek just to --pardon the expression-- tantalize the taste buds. ;)  

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friday freebie + summertime sneak

Holy cannoli! Where has May gone??? There are 31 days to this month and I can't believe we're on day 27 already! I swear I was just looking at my calendar the other day and it was only the 15th . . . puh-lenty of time do get the This & That: Summertime kit done. Uhhhh, yeah. Apparently I lost a few days along the way. At any rate (and my 'rate' is obviously slow right now), here is a sneak peek of June's This & That kit. There are certain things that say "summer" to me. One is the [...]

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coloring outside the lines

I like to think of myself as someone who 'thinks outside the box'.I like doing different things outside the norm or create things that aren't necessarily considered mainstream.I like to march to the beat of my own drum. (a very clean drum)But 'color outside the lines'?Ohhhh how I wish I could go there.As much as I think outside the box, I just can't color outside those silly lines!I can't let myself go.Things have to be plotted and planned and sketched and neat . . . and . . . and . . .I was surfing a little this morning and came across THIS [...]

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check it out

Okay, so little secret here (okay, not a secret really ;) ). Dear Miss Nichol Magouirk emailed a couple days ago and asked me about making some "grade" titles--possibly when school starts again. Well, I got a bee in my bonnet because one, I'm too impatient to wait until school starts (shees! lol) and two, let's face it, I'd do anything for that girl, so why wait. :)This girl is so danged fast! She already did a video on a page she created using one of the images! This girl is beyond talented . . . If you haven't seen her [...]

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school is almost over!

What???? I can't believe it! Just a few more days and we are done here! Where does the time go?? So how many of you have school pages to do now? Are you trying to get them all organized? Perhaps this might help a little? 41 images that come in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG Price: $9 As usual, they come in a solid piece and complementary piece. I also know from my Canadian friends that they refer to their grades differently than us Americans (and it may be the same for other countries too). That's why you see two written versions of the [...]

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tell me why

I'd like to know why kids in sewing today get to make way cute and fun things like gym bags, pajama pants, aprons and all that and we got to make big blobby animal pillows with grandma's fabric, like this: something to think about . . . (p.s. monkey found when sorting through boxes of storage of my moms. took a picture of it and threw it away. not worth keeping. seriously.)

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who’s ready to escape?

I think my whole family is itchin' for an escape! We didn't take any trip last year--and when you're a travelin' bunch like us? Oy! It's torture to not just get in that car and drive! So with June just around the corner (what??? did i just say that???) and all the impending vacations coming, this kit might help you with your after-vacation creations.  26 images that come in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG Price: $10 Most images come in the usual manner--one whole piece and its accent color piece. The "day" images go through number fourteen. I figure two weeks is about max [...]

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slightly distracted

Okay, too much television going on last night! Forgot to come pick some winners! Did y'all watch American Idol? I think the best song had to have been Haley playing with her dad. What a moment!!! They all did incredibly well, but that moment is one I'm sure they'll treasure forever. So cool.And America's Next Top Model? Hannah was my favorite from the get-go, so I was sad she wasn't in the finals. I loooved Brittani's and Molly's photos too, but didn't care for Molly's attitude so I'm glad Brittani won. And those haircuts at the end? Oh my gosh! [...]

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just a reminder . . .

Tomorrow is the last day for the contest and the last day for the free template download! Be sure to get in on both and spread the word so others can get the free template! Oh, and they may want to enter the contest too. ;)Enter and download within the post below.

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the grand slam

It's that time of year. Baseball season is in full swing (no pun intended) as indicated by the baseball games I kept flipping through on Saturday. I miss watching my husband play. Our first few years of marriage were spent at the ballpark as he played both fast- and slow-pitch softball and even played Roy Hobbs--baseball for men over 30. He would have gone to a Roy Hobbs World Series had I not been pregnant and due right about the same time. It was so fun to watch him pitch a game. He's got quite an arm and is pretty [...]

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