So Jordan had her very first date last night.
The prom. 
And guess who got to take pictures. ;)
She looked gorgeous in her dress, which we found at the very first
–and only–
place we went to and the only dress she tried on.
She’s an old soul, so she loves all things vintage–or vintage looking.
And the best part? It was only $65. Wow!
It’s hard to tell, but there’s a lot of beading on there too.
Needless to say we were pleased with the find.
She had a wonderful time with all her friends.
It’s fun to see a bunch of teenagers looking so dressed up!



I think this was the sweetest thing I saw though as they
were walking towards the place where we were taking pictures.
The boys were complete gentlemen!
Escorting, opening doors . . . the works.
Chivalry isn’t dead.
But probably the highlight of the evening was when they were waiting at our house for someone running late. I was already at the photo location, which meant dad was left behind to *ehem* “talk” to the teenagers–including making them read from our church’s Strength of Youth pamphlet. (It’s a guideline for being a good youth.)


It was all in good fun and they thought he was pretty funny.
But perhaps next time they’ll make a better effort to be on time. ;)
And here’s Jordan putting on the boutonniere. I missed that part. Dang
Sounds like the evening was a complete success. :)