No. Definitely not talking about having a baby. DEFINITELY not.

I’m actually talking about Project Life by Becky Higgins.

A few months ago I started making a cuttable kit that you could use to accentuate your Project Life kit. Just to add a little dimension or another little somethin’-somethin’.

Sadly it got put on the back burner for a while.

I had this image that I’d made first and cut out on my Silhouette.

Loooooved looking at it all these weeks + weeks as it sat out on my desk . . .
a constant reminder–taunting me, if you will–that I needed to get this kit done!


Low & Behold.

It is done.

Of course these can be used for ANY project, but they’ve been specially designed to overlay your 4×6 photo or to fit within the little journaling pockets that come in the kit–which you could either have the pocket with just the shape (no paper behind it) or lay it over one of the accent cards.

Also, some of these elements/frames would be fun to add to your photo before printing even! Since they come in PNG files too, you can drop it onto your photo in your photo editing software. A fun little twist.

Be sure to keep a look out for more of these in the future too!
I have waaay too many ideas in my head for this one!

Oh, and as I was test cutting the shapes just to make sure that “all was well”, I put these two images together to save on cardstock and thought that would be a really fun page element. I squished the frame so it wasn’t as long (in this image) and I think it still looks great. I love that doodle frame.

As many of you may know, I was the main designer on the Turquoise edition of Project Life,
so it holds a special place in my heart to create more of these images to work with this amazing system. Becky is brilliant at organizing and has made such a wonderful product here. Sadly, I never did get started on mine. I am not anywhere near as organized as our Miss Becky. ;) But I will make up a page soon just to show you how fun it can be to put it all together.

Stay tuned on Sunday for a special post . . . and perhaps a freebie . . . maybe? ;)