So I had originally planned to do an English/Aussie version of the freebie yesterday, but between Saturday night and Sunday morning when I made the “mom” image . . . I forgot. About an hour later I remembered, but the day got away from me.

So for all you “mums” out there . . . this one’s for you! :)

You can download it for free HERE.
And thank you all for the wonderful mother’s day wishes. We had church, invited Dan’s parents to dinner. Zach–who is the menu maker these days after two years of not having mom’s cooking–wanted roast, potatoes and carrots. So that’s what we had. And on Saturday, the girls in the choirs at Jordan’s high school did a special mother’s day program, which was very sweet.
Topped it off with a two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race and it was a lovely day. Kind of was rooting for Gary and Mallory to win though. Dang.
This week? Two nights of Survivor!!! Nobody bug me! ;)

I hope you had a maaahhhvelous mother’s day!