just a reminder . . .

Tomorrow is the last day for the contest and the last day for the free template download! Be sure to get in on both and spread the word so others can get the free template! Oh, and they may want to enter the contest too. ;)

Enter and download within the post below.

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  1. susy May 18, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Kerri, I loooove your page. It may be just what I need to push me back to scrapbooking again. After Christmas I lost total interest in all things crafty (blamed it on the post Christmas card making frenzy I went on,lol)but I have started to worry because it hasn't returned yet, and I don't mean just lost interest in creating things I mean total interest, no scrappy or card blogs, no craft forums or galleries, nothing, but seeing this page has stirred something in me, an excitement for a hobby I used to adore so a great big thank you for being awesome :-)

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