tell me why

I’d like to know why kids in sewing today get to make way cute and fun things like gym bags, pajama pants, aprons and all that and we got to make big blobby animal pillows with grandma’s fabric, like this:

something to think about . . .
(p.s. monkey found when sorting through boxes of storage of my moms. took a picture of it and threw it away. not worth keeping. seriously.)
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  1. Seester2T May 23, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    oh but I thought he was cute!

  2. Rhadonda May 23, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    That is the way of life. Just like as soon as you have your baby all the maternity clothes in the stores are then cute, not the ugly things that were available during your 9 months. I think the big blobby animal is actually pretty awesome, seriously. How unique is that? What a fun thing to find too. I bet that sparked some fun conversation!

  3. dawnelaine May 23, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    My required sewing project was a jumper which I had to wear to school on a designated day. I was rail thin at the time, and the thing hung on me like a sack. And it was short (this was back in the "Marcia Brady" days!). But at least it was wear-worthy!! Not every jumper made through the entire school day! I did learn to enjoy sewing, and sewed quite a bit. Of course, that was pre-marriage/pre-baby days!

    I was surprised to read that sewing is still offered in schools! I wish my daughter's school had offered sewing! BTW, your monkey was really cute!!

  4. GinnaG's Paper Fun May 24, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    Way cute….worth the picture for sure

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