Holy cannoli! Where has May gone??? There are 31 days to this month and I can’t believe we’re on day 27 already! I swear I was just looking at my calendar the other day and it was only the 15th . . . puh-lenty of time do get the This & That: Summertime kit done. Uhhhh, yeah. Apparently I lost a few days along the way.

At any rate (and my ‘rate’ is obviously slow right now),
here is a sneak peek of June’s This & That kit.

There are certain things that say “summer” to me. One is the adirondack chair . . . we have two of them that sit out under the tree in our front yard. Since our house faces east, it’s the perfect place to just relax in the shade and visit in the cool summer evenings. Of course, since we only have two of them, mom and dad get to sit on them and the kids can pull out a camping chairs or sit on the grass. Hmm. Maybe we should invest in a couple more. :)

Another thing that says “summer” to me is my grandpa’s red bike. It’s been sitting quietly now for many years since he passed away (he was such a great man). It was what he used to putter around on the farm with–checking pipes in the fields and all that. It’s such an icon of summer for me, so I had to put in another bike in this kit. Except I did make it different than the one in the Spring kit–it’s a tandem bike.

The kit is $15 and will be available next week.

Now for a little freebie. I’d been pondering what to do yesterday. Thinking about Memorial Day and all that it means. Those that have passed. Those that we miss. Those that have given their lives for our freedom. Those that are our part of our history and have made us who we are. I was driving my daughter to the school and saw a guy get out of his car and on the back of his shirt were big ol’ letters that said “connected.” Bingo. It was like a sign just for me. I thought it was a perfect word and made these two styles.

You can download the image HERE.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!