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As promised today . . . here are the 'Just Shapes' from Halloween, Gratitude, Winter and Freedom This & That kits. Remember, these are the same shapes that are in the full This & That kits. I've just compiled the shapes only into a kit for those who don't want the printables or that don't want to do the tray project. [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/AIv8/DXF/PNG] Price: $10 [Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/PNG]Price: $10 [Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/PNG] Price: $10 [Comes in SVG/GSD/DXF/PNG]Price: $10 Tune in tomorrow for a Friday Freebie! :)

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this+that: freedom . . . break it down

Price: $15 How To Use The Kit You can use this kit with many of the digital craft cutters out there, such as Silhouette, Pazzles and Cricut. Anything that can use an SVG/DXF/AIv8 file. If you are using Cricut, you'll need to use something like older versions of Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) or Make The Cut (MTC). These programs allow you to use SVG files with your Cricut. However, Provo Craft has made it so these two programs cannot work with the Cricut, so if you didn't get either program purchased before a couple months ago (like April/May 2011), then you [...]

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this+that: freedom

Did you ever just have one of those days? Why is it my 'days' are always when I'm trying to get one of these kits done? I swear, I can never have a 'smooth sailing' this&that kit process. Why is that??? Today's adventure began when I needed a couple of inks so I could print out my printables. Needed light magenta and wanted yellow. Only had light magenta. After coming home with half a purchase, only then did I realize that I only had one full sheet of photo paper left. What??? So I had to break up the one [...]

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just one more day!

Here's one more quick little sneak peek. I'm just wrapping up This & That: Freedom and it will be up tomorrow. Yahoo! :)   Hope your weekend was blissfully beautiful!

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Whilst preparing for the new This & That Freedom kit, I've been creating a few other ideas that won't necessarily work within the kit . . . but they sure make a fun kit on their own! :) [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Price: $7 The big word border is meant to be cut larger--I'd say at least 9" tall. And because it's on the 'delicate-ish' side of shapes, I added cut lines around the entire image as well as within the image just to help make it easier to work with when pulling out the negative space. So when you open [...]

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sneak peek + becky higgins contest!

It's coming!The 4th of July is just around the corner . . . and so is the This & That: Freedom kit! Here's a little sneak peek for ya. You can preorder it now. It's $15. It has a flavor of 'Americana' style without completely going there. Kind of a slightly grungy look too. And you're probably thinking, "What does a rooster have to do with 4th of July?" Well, it is quite an American thing, don'tcha think? And that's what this holiday is all about . . . what is American. Kind of fits the mood. :) And I'm [...]

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project life + more ‘just shapes’

Wooooo-wee!  There's some fun stuff a-happenin' over on Becky Higgins' blog! Have you checked it out? If not . . . must . . . do . . . so . . . now! She's featuring Project Life additions from Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske and myself. Love, love, love these girls--and Becky! Such true talent amongst those cute girls! And dare I say . . . Becky's even doing a giveaway???? Something from each of us! I finally created a page using the Project Life kit too! You can see it all over there today, but I'll share a little sneaky-peeky [...]

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happy father’s day . . . and freebie!

These little moments that my mom captured on film with me and my dad are priceless to me. Since my parents divorced when I was young, I don't have many photos of me and my dad in my youth. I've definitely rectified that since then--particularly since having my own children. :) gotta be one of my fave photos. To help celebrate all the dad's, here's a fun and simple title for you to play with.  It's free. You can download it HERE. Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG. Have a wonderful father's day! And dad--since I know you'll be reading this--happy father's day! [...]

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this & that . . . just shapes

So I've been thinkin' (dangerous, I know). There are probably many of you that look at the This & That kits and think "Oh that's cute, but I don't really want to make one of those." And maybe there are those of you that do buy the kit just to use the shapes and printables for other projects, because it's chock full of goodies. There are soooo many great shapes in the This & That series that I thought maybe I'd make a kit of just the shapes for those who would like to play with them in your other [...]

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in transit

Every time I add subway art to a This & That kit, I think, "This would make a great cut file!" Finally . . . I did it! [Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Price: $5 I had to make them with a similar font to the grunge font that I'd use for the printable version. Can't really cut that out. ;) Keep in mind when you cut these shapes that some of those letters are pretty small. I test cut them at 7" and that worked pretty well. And I don't know if you noticed . . . hmmmm . . . [...]

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