I do declare! I feel like summertime has actually arrived in the land of Utah! After so many days of cold and rainy weather–even had snow in the mountains this past week–I feel like we may just be seeing summer! Yahoo!

I think all that gloomy weather left me less than inspired whilst working on this kit though. :)

I do have to say though, I felt kind of similar to an author of a book when they say “write what you know.” This kit was definitely inspired by things that meant summer to me. I did still try to make it universal though. Many of my summers growing up were spent on the family farm, so it had to be my inspiration.

The primary song “Oh What Do You In The Summertime” has always been my favorite. I imagine myself sitting along the grassy ditch banks down by the garden, looking at the clouds and trees, and listening to the water as it rolls on by. (And I could not get this song out of my head for the past week!)

I already told you all about the red bike that my grandpa used to putter around on and the adirondack chairs that we use at our house.

Butterflies galore. Need I say more.

Big bushes full of roses and other flowers–my favorite are the yellow roses and the lilacs.

Ice cream. I have vivid memories of running into Safeway and looking at the half gallon (real half gallons) assortment of ice cream.

And I can’t tell you how many times we were running around barefoot, especially when the lawns got “watered” . . . and by that I mean, flooded from the ditch. That’s how they often do it on them-thar farms.

And probably the most important item on there is the ladybug. My mom had a favorite song called “Ladybug” sung by Captain and Tenille (yes, I said C+T). I tried to find it on the internet or iTunes to share it with you, but could only find a 30 second clip on amazon.com HERE. Before she passed she told us that anytime we saw a ladybug (especially on the farm) that it would just be her dropping in to say ‘hello.’ It was what we played with her dvd photo montage at her funeral. So it’s a particularly special part of the kit for me.

Wrap all that up together, and this is what you get:

Here are a few tips about the kit:

Attach paperclip to “forecast” and adhere. Adhere “bliss” title and staple a couple letters. Adhere bike.

Adhere grey “lemonade” to background first, making sure the “nad” go up into the open area of the top line. Adhere yellow “lemonade” just a smidgen up and to the left to create the shadow effect. Assemble lemons and leaves as shown. Adhere “5cent” circle at left edge.

Orange butterflies.
Layer the two butterflies and set over yellow background. Adhere using a staple down the center of the butterfly. Bend wings along staple to add dimension. Wrap a string around the whole ensemble about three times and tie it in a knot. Add a rhinestone, if desired.

Relax bingo card.
Adhere leafy branch. Layer a couple of ribbons over the top. I “ruffled” one ribbon using some glue dots.

I also included the letter “S” for SUN for all you Aussies that have summer in the wintertime. ;) Adhere JUN, sun and barcode in that order. Add staples in an “x” pattern at the end of the barcode.

Assemble birdhouse and adhere to yellow background. Tie a ribbon in a knot and adhere at the bottom of the birdhouse. Don’t try to tie it around the post.

June calendar / red flower.
The black outline of the red flower is suppose to be off center. It was made and cut that way just for that reason. Adhere the red flower and try playing with the placement of its outline before adhering it down. Add a rhinestone as a flower center, if desired.

Trim just a smidgen off the orange polkadot background to make sure the binder clip will fit. Tie a ribbon on the clip. Attach butterfly with a staple and bend the wings just like the butterfly above.

There are three pieces to this: a solid black background, the red body, and a black head/wing combo. Adhere in that order.

Use your 1″ circle punch to cut the shapes. Punch more 1″ circles from cardstock to give it a thicker effect. Makes them look more like a milk cap or something. I used four more circles with each icon.

There are four pieces to this ‘word.’ The two centers of the “B” are what make the middle “B” letter. So you adhere the “B” on the left and the “Q” on the right and place the “B” centers in the middle.

“Sit A Spell.”
Adhere red flowers to green vine and flower silhouette. All the flowers are in the proper order when they are cut, so you should be able to match them up fairly easily. Adhere three postage stamp images to background. Adhere green/red flower combo over that. Adhere “sit a spell” strip. Adhere chair after that.

“It’s The Simple Things”.
Adhere “It’s The” and “Things” first. Next, adhere the black swoosh, making sure it starts at the top of “T” in “Things and extends over the “S” at the end of the word. Adhere the word “simple.” Now, I’m usually partial to attaching letters for the ease of working with them, but this one warranted the letters being on their own.

Oh What Do You Do…”
This one needs to be shown a little TLC, but the end result is worth it (I think :)). I did find that the white American Crafts cardstock cut much more smoothly than the green Bazzill of the same words. Also, a good mat always makes a difference too. “Summer” I think needs the most love. Sometimes these images at such a small scale just need that extra little love.  I keep my, paper piercer, scissors and xacto knife handy for some of the more delicate pieces.

I think that about sums it up! Files will go out to preorders in the morning. I’ll do the break down of the kit tomorrow too.