This past weekend Zach, Kass and I went to Idaho to the family farm. We were suppose to be there to help work, but I don’t think we got a whole lot done. ;)

Instead we:

  1. Visited a lot with my aunt.
  2. Had yogurt at a new place in town.
  3. Saw her friend spraying fields in a big ol’ tractor (you could fit a small car under that thing).
  4. Thought we had someone trying to break into the house . . . which turned out to be a dog (more details below).
  5. Went for an evening walk and saw new pine cones or pine tree somethings starting to form (in all my years, I’ve never seen those red things).
  6. Saw baby birds in a nest on a stump within a bush. No, we didn’t touch the nest. :) It was funny though, Kass would whistle and the little wide-open mouths would come up out of the nest.
  7. Watched and took photos of the crop duster that kept buzzing our house. Of course, he saw the kids taking photos and kept buzzing the house . . . and wagging his wings to say hello.
Here’s the ‘visual’ recap. :)
(photos by kass / photo template from ‘picture that‘)
Now. About that dog. Let’s just say that Dan is never letting us go to the farm again. Last spring we brought home a kitten. This year? A stray dog. But he is the sweetest dog! Here’s how the story goes.

So Friday night, as Kass and I were visiting in the front room, we hear the front door knob jiggle. Then I hear ‘footsteps’ on the porch . . . at 10:30 at night. We were both wondering what we’d heard. Zach was *ehem* ‘indisposed’ and our aunt was in her bedroom. Kass went to see if everyone was, in fact, where we thought they were and she proceeded to tell aunt-ee about what we’d heard. By that time Zach had opened the door and said it sounded like someone was walking outside the back–trying to look in windows.

Aunt-ee calls 911.

Police show up.

When we open the door? Doggie is there.

“No, officers. Not our dog.”

“Well, we’ll go check around and see if we can find anything.”

Nope. Nada. Just a dog.

The wheels start turning in our little house. Doggie is quite tall, door knob is lower than most. 1+1=doggie nudgin’ the door knob makin’ it jiggle.

In all our years . . . never had that happen.

Next morning? Doggie is still there. And really? We think he’s still a puppy . . . a rather large puppy.

So, puppy stayed with us as we were working outside. I felt sorry for puppy and gave it some water. I know, I know. Shouldn’t feed the strays so they’ll move on, but he was looking skinny and limping. Didn’t know how long he’d been missing and/or if he fell out of someone’s truck.

After two or three hours . . . felt even sorrier for the puppy and went and bought some dog food.

Can’t reach Animal Control on a Saturday and no one at the local farmer’s store knows of anyone missing a dog either.
Puppy is still there the next day. Aunt-ee not too keen on keeping puppy, so we bring him home with us. I just couldn’t stand the thought of him going to the animal shelter the next day and risking him getting put to sleep. He’s such a lovable dog! And how can you resist that face???

I just hope we have the space for him. He’s probably going to be a big dog. He was so perfect on that farm. We went walking with him that evening and he just felt like he fit there. Alas, we’ll just have to take him places like to Dan’s parent’s house, where there’s some room to run or up the canyon or to the lake(s).

Jordan, who couldn’t go, said “He’s CUTE, bring him home!” when I sent her a text and photo. ;)

The cat, however, has a different opinion.

Some big dog has invaded his backyard territory.