You know, I still have a hard time believing I have two graduated kids. The next one–who just got her permit (yikes!)–will graduate in two more years.

What the french toast???

Time goes by too quickly. Believe you me.

Since it’s that time of year and all, I thought perhaps there might be a few of you at the same time of life as me. And no, we’re not old! :)

Price: $8

This kit includes class years between 2008 and 2015 in all designs that include a year . . . a few before this year and a few after. The “congratulations on your graduation” is actually all separate words. You know me and variety. I liked having two options for each of the words and then I put them together and liked that too and threw in the “on your”. So you can mix and match or just use them individually.

And still with the “variety” thing, I liked the word “senior” in the word montage, but wanted it to be applicable for kindergarten, sixth grade, college . . . whatever. Same with “these friends”. Maybe you don’t want the foo foo. Something for everyone. :)

There’s also a couple of choices of graduation hats. I have them “hanging” on the titles in the example above.

These titles can actually be used for much more than just graduation too!

So, just how many of you have seniors that just graduated or will be graduating this coming year? It’s crazy, isn’t it???