food, glorious food.

2017-02-07T18:28:36-06:00July 26th, 2011|recipes|

Do you ever just make something and it just soooo hits the spot? There are some salads I make that [...]


just a reminder

2011-07-23T19:13:00-06:00July 23rd, 2011|Uncategorized|

Hey all! Hope you've been enjoying your lovely summer weekend. It's a holiday weekend here for us in Utah. We [...]


curse our internet

2011-07-22T02:04:00-06:00July 22nd, 2011|Uncategorized|

Sorry guys. It's been down since this morning. Right now I'm at Borders sipping a Caramel Kula (no Java ;)) [...]


christmas in july

2018-02-15T20:14:46-06:00July 20th, 2011|Uncategorized|

What???  Did I just say that out loud? Yesterday it's School, today it's 'Christmas'? What is this blog coming to??? [...]


behold . . .

2018-02-15T20:19:23-06:00July 14th, 2011|flickr|

All that is good + glorious + right in this world.   Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks on one [...]


sad day

2018-02-15T20:23:41-06:00July 12th, 2011|pages|

So, I just discovered . . . my Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge is being discontinued. I guess it's had a [...]

decade: 2000

2018-02-15T20:25:05-06:00July 11th, 2011|digital shapes|

I've had several requests for an addition to the twentyTEN and twentyELEVEN kits . . . for the first decade [...]


borderlines #3

2018-02-15T20:27:23-06:00July 10th, 2011|digital shapes|

Ohhhhh, that silly ol' brain of mine. Today . . . it's Saturday for cryin' out loud. Who should be [...]