Whether you’re in Canada (HAPPY CANADA DAY today!) or you right here in America, I’m sure you’re weekend will be full of parades, food, fireworks and just good ol’ fun.

That’s what brings me to today’s freebie. You might recognize this as a similar graphic that I had for display during last year’s holiday weekend. Well, I’ve updated it for 2011 AND made it a downloadable PNG file . . . for both Americans and Canadians!


To download the America PNG files, click HERE.
To download the Canada PNG files, click HERE.

And you know me and variety. There are two premade versions with a different color year. When I went to make a less “red white & blue” version for Canada, I thought it would be cool for the America version too and then thought ‘what they hey’ and included both for both . . . on account-a . . . that’s just how I roll. :)

Have a wonderful weekend! May it all be sparkly and full of fun!