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Don’t you just love it when the time finally comes and you can open up all the windows in your house? Is there nothing better than a fresh clean breeze?

I think that’s what led me to make an Open Windows template kit. And, ya know, I gotta include a little window dressing with them too.

Price: $9

This kit has a twist to it as compared to my other storyboard templates. First, I’ve included some predefined, you-choose-what-you-want lines that go along the outside edge or within the inside of the templates. Click the eye in the Layers palette on and off to pick the line you want (or don’t want).

And second, as I’ve mentioned before, there is generally more than one way to do something in Photoshop. I hemmed and hawed over the best method to do this kit and decided that–in all things variety–include both styles. This is due to the fact that I want people to use shadows to give the illusion that the photo composite has windows. One way you can do it is with a couple of quick clicks, the other a few more clicks. But one is not flexible and one is.

You’re now thinking, “What the heck is she talkin’ about???”

Here’s what mean. There are two templates for each style–one is Fixed and one is Movable.

A Fixed template is just like it sounds. With this template, what you see is what you get. You will notice that all the holes of the background have been punched out–more like a window–but you can’t move the holes. However, there are still numbered squares for you to clip your photos to. You can also clip a pattern to the window! Add onedrop shadow to the window, maybe a flourish and title, and you’ll get this.

I clipped the ledger paper from Love: Every Little Thing into the window, added a flourish from This Everything, added a title, chose the Inside Straight line and added shadows to everything.

This is a 4×6 photo template and would be great for announcements, Christmas cards, and such!

A Movable template means that you can move the “window” elements around, size them, etc. However, if you want to add the drop shadow, you’ll have to add it to each square. On a 3-square image? Not so bad. On a 16-square image? Kind of cumbersome. You wouldn’t ‘clip’ a background into this one, but rather place it under all the elements. However, once you start adding shadows to the squares over your background, it looks like you’ve “clipped” it anyway, like you see here:

(background paper is from Love: Every Little Thing)

On this example below, I didn’t include a background, but i did move the “window” to a different part of the template. It’s originally in the lower right corner (like above example) and I moved it to the middle left. I also chose the Outside Scribble line for this one (as opposed to the Inside Straight lines like above) and used it with my Fourth of July Friday Freebie.

This is why I thought I’d include both ways. One way is simple for one reason, the other is more flexible because of other reasons. Each have their pros and cons. I like the idea of the Fixed style because you can just go for it. Yet, I’d also like to be able to move it around if I want to.

Can you see my dilemma here?

Why I just had to do both? ;)

I think most people would have just made it the Movable way, but I’m crazy. I like it both ways. Because I think for the more novice user that the Fixed way is simpler.

I am going to make a video on how to get the most out of these Open Windows templates and will share that in my next post (probably Friday).

In the meantime though, you basically use this just the same as my other storyboard templates, so if you’re familiar with using them, you are a-o-k. :)

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  1. luvmysilhouette July 7, 2011 at 1:56 am

    Oh My Dear Kerri These are sooooooo very cool…
    I was going to wait till Friday and place an order for some more of your MASTERPIECES BUT I JUST HAD TO GO ON AND HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW…..LOL LOL LOL Can't wait for your video in the mean time I will be playing with these for sure…You Miss. Kerri Rock My Friend…xo

  2. Rhadonda July 7, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    These are so awesome. Can't wait for the video being a visual learner and trying to do some hybrid and digital and loving it. You're the best my friend!

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