First, I thought I’d share a taste of where I was yesterday. Jordan has both girls camp going on this week as well as final dress rehearsals (at night) for her 2 1/2 week run of ‘Camp Rock’ (musical) at the outdoor theater here. Since girls camp is about an hour and a half away, we told her we’d take her up a couple times early in the morning and bring her home in the afternoon so that she could at least do a little bit of camp.

Zach and I went up there yesterday and here’s a little peek at the gorgeousness and total bliss that Zach felt whilst fishing–the first time he’s caught fish in over two years (since his mission).



He did both fly fishing and pole/worm fishing . . . catching fish on both. He was in complete heaven. My heaven was just being out there and listening to nature. I even worked a little. Nothing like having this kind of view out your “window.” Top of the mountains. Lush green hillsides mixed with snow in places.  Big blue skies with patches of the hugest white fluffy clouds you ever did see. I mean big and tall. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold. Lovely breeze. Slight sprinkle from the dark impending clouds that never really did unload on us—it wouldn’t have dared.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, as promised, here are the videos on how to make the most out of using the Open Windows templates. I know, you’re thinkin’ “vide-ooooos”??? I’m learning about YouTube and my video recorder, so unbeknownst to me at the time, I didn’t know that video clips had to be under 15 minutes to publish to YouTube. So, I had to split this 20 minute video up a little.


[insert corny music here]



While I can’t actually confirm the steps in Photoshop Elements, I believe them to be pretty much the same–it just looks different than Photoshop. I promise, one day I will own Elements and will do videos for Elements. “I know a guy” when it comes to getting Adobe products (actually two guys) and it’s been hard to hook up with either one of them to get a copy ordered. We talk about it, but somehow it never gets done. But one day…it will.

And I just want to add my usual disclaimer in saying that I am not a Photoshop expert by any means. I know a little, enough to get around. So please take the whole “what works for me” in the spirit with which it is shared. :)

Have a fabulous weekend!