borderlines #3

Ohhhhh, that silly ol’ brain of mine.
Today . . . it’s Saturday for cryin’ out loud.
Who should be workin’ on a Saturday?
 But . . . ya know, ya just gotta roll with it, I guess.
This is what spilled out of my head for today.
Price: $7
Okay, so maybe that “color” border I already had done . . . it’s what spurred the 4th of July version. ;)

One cool thing you can do with those two polka dot borders?
That would be this:

Kind-a sumthin’ a little fun. :)

The three images on the right are ‘variations on a theme’.
Y’all should know that ‘v’ word by now.

And just sumthin’ fun for your weekend creations.

— P.S. —
I’d originally made the word border with “aqua” instead of “pink”.
But before putting it up, I thought I should switch it around.

Then last night I thought pink just seemed so girlie for those putting it on a boy page.

So, in the essence of all things variety?
I’m including both the pink and aqua versions. :)

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