So, I just discovered . . .
my Graphically Speaking Cricut cartridge
is being discontinued.
I guess it’s had a nice run.
I believe it’s been four years since it came out.
I guess I just never thought about it being discontinued.
Feels weird.
Thinking about making that cartridge just brings back
so . many . memories .
That good ol’ laptop of mine . . . we were best buddies
at the kitchen table for a few months.
Summertime’s a killer with young kids that
want to watch tv. ;)
Some reeeaaaalllly long days.
We’re talking, up at 4 or 5 a.m. and pretty much working
until 10 or 11 at night. That included doing my day job too.
I relied on my newly-driving son to do so many errands for me.
Verrrry grateful for that.
I think I put on 20 pounds.
The daily non-diet Dr. Pepper and chocolate donut didn’t help there.
(thanks for enabling me there Zach with driving to get it. ha ha)
That was all my “learning Illustrator” days.
I can never express enough gratitude to Miss Heather Lancaster
for helping me figure things out as needed.
She had so much patience with me.
And I can never express enough gratitude for
Desiree Tanner
for having the confidence in me to take on such a task
as creating a Cricut cartridge.
If it weren’t for them and the serendipitous moment
of us getting to share dinner together at Gibsons (yummm!) in Chicago,
I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Just so many thoughts and emotions about those days.
Of course, since I was new to Illustrator,
when I look back on that cartridge?
I admit, I kind of cringe at some things. :)
Especially because the rules for cartridges were one way . . .
but being the defiant and particular person that I am, I’d always try
and sneak my own way in there when possible. (hee hee)
When I think how much time it took me to do both
Printing Press & Graphically Speaking???
I think I could do it in half the time now.
Anyway. Thanks for letting me ramble on so.
Not that you have a choice there, but you do have
a choice on whether or not you keep reading it. lol
So, thanks for sticking through this entire post for today. :)
At least I’m still getting to do what I love in creating more for
all you people in the digital craft cutting world.
Thanks for helping me do what I love to do.
love it.

and love to you all.

Now, as sort of a ‘farewell tribute’, if you will,
here are a few pages using GS that people have shared on my blog.

Loni Stevens

Robyn Werlich

Robyn Werlich

Erin Lincoln

Kristy Banks


me (also uses printing press)

and me.

Goodbye Graphically Speaking.
I will miss you.