School is a month away! At least it is here in our neck of the woods.
Sadly, Jordan is painfully aware of just how quick it’s coming. ;)
Therefore, I’m working on my next This & That kit.
If you hadn’t guessed yet, that would be a school kit.
Ohhhh, it’s just too soon for school, isn’t it???
Here’s a little sneaky-peeky for ya.
Price: $15

The kit will be available at the first of next week!

And on another note? I think I’ve taken our animals to the vet more in the past two months than I have taken my kids to the doctor in two years.
Today’s adventure?
Heard the dog start barking crazy like.
Went to see what was going on . . . and his face was all swollen!!!
Eyes were little slits.
The poor thing!
Took him to the vet, got a couple shots.
I’m thinking he must have gotten stung by a bee or something.
Any bets on whether or not I can go a month without taking one of the animals to the vet? ;)
Ay yi yi!