Sorry guys. It’s been down since this morning. Right now I’m at Borders sipping a Caramel Kula (no Java ;)) using their free wi-fi to send out orders from today. So if I”m slow on getting files to y’all, you’ll know why. Hopefully it will be up tomorrow, but ya never know.

thanks for your patience…. :)

p.s. borders? yeah. not workin’ too efficiently…at all. will need to find another solution….fast.

update: looooove our neighbors! they let me hook up onto their wi-fi so i could work on sending orders from home. so i’ve been trying to get out as many as i can (after setting up my mac email on kass’ laptop), but it’s still been a little slow goin’. sending files over the next door wi-fi isn’t quite as fast….but still….way way way waaaaaaay faster than what i was doing at borders.