Do you ever just make something and it just soooo hits the spot? There are some salads I make that I usually only make for a shindig because it’s just too much for our family. (The smart person would figure out how to cut it down a size or two, eh?)

Decided not to wait for a shindig and made a favorite salad anyway. It’s just such a great summer salad. I’m sure many of you have had it before, but it’s a cabbage salad. It is yuuuummmmy! And I’m not a big cabbage eater. Here’s the recipe:

Cabbage Salad
  1 head of cabbage
  3-4 green onions
  6 T. vinegar (=about 1/4 c.)
  2 T. sugar
  3/4 t. pepper
  2/3 c. oil
  1 pkg. chicken ramen noodles (packet+noodles)
  4-6 T. sunflower seeds
  1/2 c. slivered almonds or cashews (I like cashews)

Add the spice packet and sugar to the oil before pouring over the salad contents.

If I’m taking it somewhere, I don’t put the liquid stuff or nuts/noodles in until about serving time. I like to chill it before putting the nuts/noodles in too, if possible.

You could also add some chicken to it if you wanted.

And then to top our weekend off? I was soooo in the mood for a turkey dinner. Why is it people–like me–only seem to do turkey at Thanksgiving time . . . or during those holiday months. We bought a bone-in turkey breast and made mashed potatoes and gravy and homemade stuffing for Sunday dinner. It was divine! And then we have leftover turkey for those ever-so yummy turkey sandwiches.

Ahhhh . . .

good weekend. :)

And a little update on the School kit. With all the broo-ha-ha of my internet being down (still down until Thursday), I’m a little behind. But it’s almost done!