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It’s here! It’s here! Sorry it took me a couple days longer . . . that darned internet threw me for a loop! But I am back up and all is well and right in this world. :)

So, in the spirit of trying to create a school kit that would appeal to everyone–regardless of school-aged child, I used a lot more cards and words and such.



Here’s a few tips about the kit:

Note: Before printing your printables, add a letter for your family name in whatever font you want to the solid black circle. Be sure to use a white letter to really make it pop.

Study Hard.
The red background is a shape I cut from cardstock just so you will have that placement piece already cut for you. If you are creating this digitally, use a rectangle that is 4.1875″ x 2.5″.
  1. Adhere transparency Clock just slightly to the right on the green ledger background. Let the bottom hang over about 1/4″. The clock is not in the composite printing file because it didn’t fit. So I included it as its own shape in both the TRAY Print Files directory. as well as in the PNG directory.
  2. Adhere Report Card to green ledger piece as shown.
  3. Place black Star Tab over the ensemble so far and adhere it to the red background.
  4. Adhere “study hard” at bottom, letting the why extend past the bottom just a fraction. Trim the clock and the “y”.
  5. Adhere the corresponding word phrases as shown. Staple the “Figure It Out”, if desired.
Highlight or shade the cut lines in the red and yellow books.

School Zone.
Adhere “school” definition to bottom of green background. Adhere “School Zone” as shown.


The apple has a tiny dark brown cardstock piece for the stem. Since it’s so tiny and there is only one brown piece in the entire kit, I did not include it in the composite cut files. Instead, I just cut a tiny little piece from a scrap piece of brown cardstock. The piece, however, is in the single-image cut file.

READ Bingo Card.
Layer the grey open circle–“tag ring”–shape over the letter circle.

Add brads at both ends of ruler.

Time For School.
The clock layers in this order: black silhouette background, white face background, red ring + numbers. Add brad to center or use the little circle found in the black shapes.

Adhere ABCDEFG shape to blue grid background. Adhere the left side of the red word strip and the School Lunch ticket to the ABC background, leaving the right side unattached so you can add the paperclip tied with ribbon.

Airplane Flashcard.
  1. Place paperclip in its position and adhere flashcard to yellow ledger background. I chose to just add adhesive to the top and right sides so that I’d have wiggle room with the paperclip.
  2. Adhere the three red stars as shown.
  3. Use a 1/8″ hole punch to punch a hole at the center end of the paperclip to string the ribbon through.
  4. String blue ribbon through hole and around backside of ensemble. Add a couple Mini Glue Dots at the left end of the ribbon (from where it comes out of the hole) so that it stays in place as you tie a knot in the ribbon on the right end.
  1. Chalk over cut lines to help add dimension.
  2. Adhere tan pencil piece to the back of the yellow pencil. Place the tan piece so that the straight edges of both the tan piece and yellow pencil align. The angled part of the tan piece will start at the end of the yellow pencil….if that makes sense. :)
  3. Wrap a string around the pencil several times on the left side of the pencil ensemble.
  4. Adhere red eraser a fraction from the edge of the green grid background.
  5. Adhere pencil ensemble so that it is flush with the red eraser piece.
  6. Adhere grey “metal” piece over the seem of the two pieces.
  7. Adhere black pencil point at the end of the tan piece.
Adhere red eraser a fraction from the edge of the green grid background.

Rough up the edge of the ripped paper for added dimension.

Adhere in this order to black school silhouette: red piece / white side pieces, windows and doors / both grey roof pieces / white roof top and belfry, making sure the top aligns flush with grey piece / bell.

One of the unfortunate things about making things at such a small scale is that you lose some clarity when you do white text on black. If I were to try and make the text stronger or bigger, then it won’t look as good when you use it at a larger scale. It’s one of those ‘what’s the lesser of two evils’ moments.

Add the black “library” circle to the back of the red tab, fold over vintage-style library card and secure. Adhere ensemble to green grid background. Add words as shown and staple, if desired.

Learn Flashcard.
Adhere to blue alphabet background almost at the left edge and slightly below center so that the star won’t cover up the word “pencil” once adhered. Adhere star and mon-fri pieces. Add yellow arrow over its corresponding place in the title.

One last note. Use a real pencil with the Learn word. I actually had to make a special trip to Staples just to buy me some real pencils to break off and sharpen all the way down. The things we do . . .  ;)

I think that’s it for now.

Preorders go out later tonight!
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  1. carilackner July 29, 2011 at 1:18 am

    LOVE IT!!! You never cease to amaze me, Kerri! Thanks for another great project!

  2. Scrapthat July 29, 2011 at 2:32 am

    Very cute kit Kerri! :) TFS

  3. Stephanie July 30, 2011 at 6:37 am

    So fun Kerri! Can't wait to make one of these for our homeschool space!

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