gettin’ with the times

I always seem to be just a little behind the times. I'm not one to rush out and buy the latest and greatest. Case in point: we still don't have a flat screen tv in the family room (we have a small one in the kitchen).  Okay, so maybe it might have something to do with money--or the lack thereof in some cases . . . but that's another story. ;) There are some things I like for luxury--like I had to have an iPod when I started traveling a lot a few years ago (still wasn't first on that [...]

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disney’s camp rock

Thought I'd share a few quick photos of Jordan in the local outdoor theater production of Disney's Camp Rock. She had a lot of fun and it was a great experience! They did a wonderful job too! I included a photo so you could see just how the plays are enjoyed there too. You can sit on chairs or bring blankets and sit on the grassy hill. Really fun environment . . . watching plays under the stars and all. (she's in a blue shirt and vest) [Photography by Mark A. Philbrick]

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this & that: autumn . . . sneak peek

Gotta little peek at the next kit for ya! You can preorder it now for $15. Kits will be sent automatically when it's available. The kit will probably be up in the latter half of next week. There's been too many distractions this past week with the oldest two home. Had to send all of them off to a movie today just so I could have some peace+quiet. :)

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back to school + friday freebie

It's that time of year. Can you believe it??? Jordan started high school this week. She's already knee-deep in classes and the all-important: social fun. Zach and Kass are next up on the list. Took them down to the local university to get some paper work done, bus passes, and all that fun stuff. They are a little late in the game on getting all their classes, so that's something they are still working on. Let's hope it's done come Monday when school actually starts. ;) Little Miss Nichol's kids started last week. Wowza! And now, with all her free time, [...]

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starting over

don't you hate it when you have to start over? i did it when i moved from typepad to blogger. now from blogger to my own website. so there were 440-ish people who signed up on google friend connect on my old blog . . . and that took a year. how fast do you think we can get up to those numbers on the new site? i feel like a kid . . . wanna race? ;)

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it’s official.

I have a design TEAM! *gasp* What?! Did I just say I have a design team??? (pardon my surreal moment here) But it's true! I'm beyond ecstatic over what will be seen here on this website . . . all the time! If you were around during the big website reveal party and sale, you know that this fabulous girl was first to officially join the KBS team: Ohhhh baby! Happy day!  Adore this girl ever-so much! And now? Look who else is here. Amaaazing, talented girls!!! Let's give them all a big welcome, shall we? WELCOME! WELCOME! So glad you are [...]

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rhinestone template material . . .

from Silhouette . . . it's not just for rhinestones anymore. "What's that," you say? 'tis true, 'tis true. A little bit ago I was wondering what I could run through my Silhouette to cut my shapes that was thin enough and yet provide some kind of good stamping material. I took a look around . . . saw my rhinestone template material . . . and the wheels started a-turnin'. I cut four or five of one shape (the beauty of digital craft cutters) and layered them all together to get this. What's really great about the material is [...]

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taking a break

Boy! Last week done did me in! ;) My house is a complete disaster! ....must clean! Don't wanna.... ....but ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. I will be back. Got a fun technique to share with ya. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few engagement photos that Kass took for her friend. I think she did an amazing job! Photography makes her happy. :)

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one more guest stoppin’ by . . .

The lovely and ever-so talented Miss Erin Lincoln has stopped by . . . and look what she brought to the party!!! [Erin used the bike shape from the This & That Spring kit.] Is that not the cutest idea??? I loooove how she just put a portion of the bike on a card. And adding a pop-dotted stamped basket on the rack? That is just fabulous! Love it! I've had the privilege of working with Erin on and off over the past few years and am constantly in awe of her amazing talent. She's a total sweetheart. Thank you [...]

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