But the party ain’t over folks!

Guess who’s just stopped by!

That would be Miss Shari Carroll!

The lovely Miss Shari is a Hero Arts guru (as is our Miss Jen). They both work their magic making so many lovely cards and creations. And Shari’s examples today are definitely magical! And what I love most about what Shari made? Almost all these shapes are from the This & That series! Yowza!

Take a look!

[Shari uses shapes from Gratitude (photo viewer), Lucky (butterfly), and Love: Every Little Thing (love)]

Look at all that gorgeousness and yumminess!

[Shari uses the owls from the Familykit]

Okay. Seriously??? This girl is killing me!

[Shari uses shapes from Modern Nature (dandelion/funky flowers), Love: Every Little Thing (smile)]

Share uses shapes from Label It (card), Love: Every Little Thing (love), and Love: Every Little Thing (flourish)

Okay. I gotta go make me some cards!!

And speaking of making cards, here’s a quick little video tutorial on making a shape into a card–using the owls like in Shari’s cards.

And now how ’bout let’s see who the three

of the year’s worth of This & That kits!

They are:

JENNIFER – AUGUST 10, 2011 – 8:21 AM

Good Morning Kerri…love you so much I can’t imagine how fun it would be to win this prize especially with the long cold winters in Cleveland Ohio. I love your kits. Keep creating.

REBECCA EDNIE – AUGUST 10, 2011 – 8:26 AM

I’m from a small town north east of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Mt Albert to be more precise. 2 minute drive to horse farms and corn fields but still a typical suburban feel. And 15-20 minutes from a large town and 45 minutes from Toronto. Perfect!

LESLIE H – AUGUST 10, 2011 – 5:38 PM

I love those!

Leslie from Sandy, UT


Congratulations ladies! Email me at kerribradford@msn.com and I’ll get y’all hooked up! Yahoo!


And now for . . .

That’s right. It’s 30% off ALL This & That kits, including the Shapes Only kits.

If you’re not familiar with the This & That series, this is it in a nutshell: Use your 7gypsies artist tray combined with the This & That kits to create a through-the-year home decor item. Pieces are sized and trim perfectly for the tray. Don’t adhere the pieces into the tray, but rather lay them in or use magnets on the backs of the pieces and tray to keep them secure. End result? You get to make something super fun, like this:

Now, if doing a tray isn’t your cup of tea, you can buy the [Just Shapes] version for $10 (that’s the regular non-sale price), which is a killer deal. Note: These are the same shapes already in the full version of the kit.

The tray version also comes with individual files for easier use for cutting or digital crafting.

And if you’re a Facebook fan, you saw yesterday that I have a new kit available!

Lots of fun things to play with for your va- or sta- cation pages!

This has been the most wonderful week! I’ve loved seeing where you all were coming from! I’ve loved all my guests this week–you guys were beyond amazing! I just want to thank you ALL for making the first week of my new site such a blast! We’ll definitely have to party some more!

And you may want to check out everyone’s sites for their giveaways!

Here they are again: NicholJenLauraRobyn, and Shari.

Oh.Oh.Oh! You MUST see what Nichol made on her blog today too! She’s just ever-so cool.

And maybe check out Miss Ali Edward’s blog tomorrow. I ain’t sayin’ why. ;)