I always seem to be just a little behind the times. I’m not one to rush out and buy the latest and greatest. Case in point: we still don’t have a flat screen tv in the family room (we have a small one in the kitchen).  Okay, so maybe it might have something to do with money–or the lack thereof in some cases . . . but that’s another story. ;)

There are some things I like for luxury–like I had to have an iPod when I started traveling a lot a few years ago (still wasn’t first on that bandwagon though). I did eventually get a Mac. I’ve bought my kids iPod Touches. The girls just got smart phones this summer (they are paying for them) when we renewed our contract, but I opted not to get one because I wasn’t in the mood to make a monthly payment when I knew an iPod Touch would do the trick most of the time–especially since their phones can work as a hotspot (an on-the-go wi-fi) for other devices/computers.

Well, I finally got me an iPod Touch a couple weeks ago. Looooving it! Love that I can check my email first thing in the morning without even getting out of bed! (how lazy am i???)
Got this cute little case for it. When I saw it at WalMart it just made me happy.

Haven’t really had a chance to dive into all the great things of the iPod Touch world. Downloaded a few free games. Loving Reversi and Unblock Me. I like puzzles, strategy, and figuring things out.

Hadn’t really played much with all the fun camera things until yesterday. Darling Miss Becky Higgins posted her favorite apps on her website (HERE) and by golly, I was all in the mood to try some of those things out! I downloaded four of the camera apps she suggested: Camera+, 100 Cameras, Instagram, and AutoStitch.

Behold. My first jump into the mobile camera world.

I used Camera+ with the Shady filter and the Negative frame on this picture of my (almost) daily treat: the Dr. Pepper / Diet Dr. Pepper mix with pebbled ice. mmmmmm….

So I got to thinkin’, okay, maybe this might motivate me to take more pictures–to constantly have a camera with me all the time. A picture a day perhaps? Project Life? Maybe?

Granted, I don’t want to carry both a phone and an iPod, but I was looking at the new wallet I’d recently purchased from the Fossil outlet (that again, made me happy), and it has an outside zipper pocket that fits the iPod perfectly!

I added the Flash filter to this one and it really intensified the red. It’s not quite that bold.  I’m just playin’ around…. :)

Lately, I’ve not been too much into carrying a purse. Don’t know why. Guess I just prefer to keep it simple and not have a catch-all bag.

And then did you see Becky has wallpapers using the Project Life papers? (HERE) How fun is that???

Okay, had to get me one of those. But, uhhhh….felt compelled to add a little foo-foo to it.

NEVER even thought about designing my own wallpapers. Duh! I think I might have to make some of my own here soon. :)

Anyway. I’m having fun with this new toy. Love watching Netflix in bed on it too while Dan is watching his own program. Of course, the dog chewed our cable to the bedroom so I was the only watching “tv” in bed last night. :)