the music may be windin’ down . . .

But the party ain't over folks! Guess who's just stopped by! That would be Miss Shari Carroll! The lovely Miss Shari is a Hero Arts guru (as is our Miss Jen). They both work their magic making so many lovely cards and creations. And Shari's examples today are definitely magical! And what I love most about what Shari made? Almost all these shapes are from the This & That series! Yowza! Take a look! [Shari uses shapes from Gratitude (photo viewer), Lucky (butterfly), and Love: Every Little Thing (love)] Look at all that gorgeousness and yumminess! [Shari uses the owls from the Familykit] Okay. Seriously??? This girl is killing me! [Shari uses shapes [...]

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boom . . . boom . . . boom . . .

Can you hear it? The music's still a-playin'! Of course you never know what you'll hear at my party. It could be ABBA, Frank Sinatra, Def Leppard, Glee, U2 or Ingrid Michaelson. Have I ever mentioned I like variety? ;) Let's ask Miss Robyn Werlich what she'd like to listen to since she's just joined the party! I met Robyn a few years ago . . . had dinner with her, Loni Stevens and Maggie Holmes. She's just delightful . . . and an amazing scrapper to boot! Let's take a look at what she made for the par-tay!  Home [...]

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more partyin’ goin’ on….

Look who's just shown up at the party to join the fun . . . . That would be Miss Laura Vegas! I had the opportunity to meet Miss Laura, gosh . . . has it been three years ago? Four years? Woo. Time flies! I'm always amazed by her incredible talent. And what she made for the party? I think she went above and beyond! Wow! Let's take a look . . . [Laura uses shapes from Borderlines #1(on sale today!) + This & That: Summertime [Shapes Only] (on sale Friday)] Loooooove it! Love the big flower Borderline! And she [...]

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knock, knock

Who's there? Ohhhh, that would be JENNIFER MCGUIRE!!! She's come to paaaaar-tay with us! And look what she did!!! [Jen uses shapes from All About You and Borderlines--both on sale Wednesday.] Did you notice? I love, love loooove how she made the most of her diecuts! Using both the positive and negative space. That is such a fantastic idea! Now, Jen and I have chatted via email many-a time, but about a year and half ago I had the opportunity to meet her for reals at CHA. She is such a gem! And ohhhh so talented! Love her! I'm so glad [...]

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today’s the big day!

A little bit ago, I was reading a book in my stash called "Before You Leap" by Kermit The Frog . . . yes, I said Kermit The Frog. He had some very profound wisdom about realizing one's dreams. Basically, to realize your dream, you have to do it one little dream at a time. I quote: The point is that every Big Dream is made up of Little Dreams. If you take the time to achieve each Little Dream, before you know it, your Big Dream will be within reach. This may seem like reasonable and easy-to-follow advice, but [...]

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do you realize what happened . . .

. . . a year ago today? Perhaps THIS might help jog your memory. :) (the second half of the post) Wow. I can't believe a year has gone by already! What a fabulous time I am having with all of you! Life can sure be strange. Never in a million years would I think I would be doing this. I never thought I'd ever have the courage  or confidence to do something like this. But a year? It's already passed by so fast! I look back at everything I've made in the past year and just can't even believe [...]

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say what #2

Goodness gracious. Sooooo much going on these days. Got some big things a-goin' on. I'm just gonna tease you with that for a bit . . . 'cause I like to tease. :) But maybe a new kit will offset the taunting for today. Will it? Here is Say What #2:  [SVG/STUDIO/AIv8/DXF/PNG] Price: $9 TTFN!

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this+that: school . . . break it down

First, I just wanted to say we had a wonderful weekend spending time with so many family members at our family reunion up on the family farm. Many items were removed from the old houses to disperse amongst all the family members. We got some really cool things and saw many cool things. This, however, was the highlight of my findings: That's my mom with her daddy (my grandpa). This is one of the sweetest photos I've ever seen. Most photos I see are the kids, or group shots, or "so-n-so" standing in front of "this or that". Not too [...]

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