it makes me happy.

i think it’s got to be one–if not the–most favorite month in my book.

school is just begininng.

the air is getting cooler.

the colors are changing.

i get to wear more layers
(gotta hide those unsightly bulges these days).

there are some great songs about september

‘when september ends’ by green day

‘september morn’ by neil diamond

‘september’ by earth wind + fire

‘september’ by daughtry

and yes. i like all those songs. :)

my birthday is this month (along with hubby)
doesn’t that just automatically make a month happy?

the new tv season starts.
(i’m dying for some amazing race and survivor!)

all the good foods are being harvested.
have you ever had a potato picked fresh from the garden or field?
and don’t even get me started on the apples!

i think spending a few falls on our family farm has spoiled me there. ;)

all the girls here are going to help make september a happy month.
that’s their assignment. to create whatever makes them happy.

so watch for those to come this month!


it just makes me happy.

What month makes you happy?