Ohhh, that darling Miss Robyn made something fabulous to share today!

[Shapes | Picture That Storyboard / This & That: Lucky / This & That: Gratitude / Modern Nature]

Just love all the tiny little details on this! The stamping, the stitching, all the little words and phrases . . . gorgeous.

And my little ‘happiness’ today?

Loved this little moment with our cat, Sam.

The cat loooves to be with you, but not with you. He accepts the pick up and pet for a couple minutes–you know he likes it because he just gets a-purrin’. More recently, he’s actually been sitting with me while I hold him, but that doesn’t happen often. He’ll always sit at the end of the bed, often sleeps with one of the kids in the house, but never up by you (which can be a good thing–lol). He definitely has his moments of being loved, but not held, and definitely not choosing to come by you to be loved.

But I think the past couple weeks of feeding him snacks in my lap have finally paid off. Bribery. Who’d have thought. He purrs like no other and eats his snacks. But when they’re gone . . . he’s done. Except this day. He actually just walked over to the foot rest of the chair and laid there at my feet for about 20 minutes.


Making progress.

He’s never been a real cuddly cat. Even as a kitten. He’ll have his moments, but generally . . .
he always wants to be with you, not with you.

Luckily I had my new toy on hand to capture the moment. ;)
(sorry it’s not the best photo, but it’ll d0.)

Just lettin’ ya know that I have surprise for y’all on Friday, so stay tuned for that!

And thanks for all the fun birthday wishes for the old man in my life . . . uhhhh, I mean that hunk-a-hunk of burnin’ love in my life. :)