I’ve been waiting for that sound for quite some time.

The Store has arrived!

Oh my freakin’ heck!

I know what you’re all thinkin’ . . .

It’s about time! :)

Ya know . . . I didn’t realize just how much work 74 kits could be.
(Did I just say I have seventy-four kits???)

And there’s still much work to be done, but I wanted to get the site back up and rollin’.

Please make sure you purchase from the Store/Shopping cart from now on–do not purchase using the Add To Cart buttons in all the posts.

That’s next on my ‘t0-do’ list . . . edit all my posts to get rid of the old way.

Did I say yet that 74 kits was a lot of work? lol

So a little bit about the store.

If you notice on the right, I’ve got a section where they are divided into Style Categories, so you can find them sorted accordingly. Additionally there are Themes you can sort by, so can find anything to do with Christmas, Tags+Labels, etc. Sa-weeeet!

Use the Shopping Cart/Store to place your order. Once you head to Check Out, you will be asked for a little information and then be sent to PayPal to place the order. Afterwards you will follow the link and return to my site with download links . . . and an email will be sent to you as well to with your order and download link information.


It’s a glorious thing.

And a long time coming.

It’s all still a work in progress, so please be patient with me. :)

And we won’t talk about some of the aesthetic issues I need fixed or just want because I like things how I like them. That’s the downside of doing something like this yourself. Learning how to do it. Oh wait, wasn’t that my One Little Word for this year? Learn? Oh yeah. I knew that was appropriate for the year. ;)

I’m doin’ the happy dance here! I did just turn on some Earth, Wind + Fire, after all.