something you just MAY wanna see :)

Okay, I think I’m just a little excited about this.

Have you heard about it?

Are you ‘going’?

Me thinketh you should!

Hello???? Have you seen who’s teaching???
Nichol Magouirk . . . among many other incredibly talented ladies!

Plus, if you sign up using the link below, you’ll get to take a special bonus class from the darling Miss Nichol herself! Yowza!


The Spawn of True Scrap

If you follow Nichol’s blog or her monthly class, Scrapbook Stamping at, you have probably noticed that she is absolutely passionate about stamping on her scrapbook layouts and she shares lots and lots of pages that have stamping of some sort because she wants YOU to be passionate about it too!

Nichol’s class for The Spawn of True Scrap is going to cover everything from how to add depth and dimension with stamping to how color and ink color choices influence and add to your scrapbook page designs. And all the stamped layouts that will be shown in her class video will be brand new, never seen before pages.  She will be sharing lots of ideas for getting the most out of your stamps and why they are one of her most used “tools” when it comes to scrapbooking!

Here’s a little sneak peek of just a couple of the ideas Nichol will be sharing in her class:

Want even more reasons to register for The Spawn of True Scrap?

  • The 17 teachers include: Kristina Werner, Nichol Magouirk, May Flaum, Lain Ehmann, Tami Morrison, Lisa Dickinson, May Flaum, Erin Bassett, Noell Hyman, Francine Clauden, Renee Pearson, Paula Gilarde, Katrina Kennedy, Nic Howard, Shimelle Lain, Kelli Crowe, Aby Garvey and Jennifer McGuire.
  • Nichol is teaching Stamping on Scrapbook Layouts: the layouts she puts together in the acompanying class video will be brand new, never seen before pages. No repeats from other classes. 
  • You don’t have to worry about a plane ticket or hotel with this event. Curl up in your jammmies (if you choose) and veg out in front of your computer for THREE days of pure inspiration and motivation.

Click on the banner below to register to be part of this exciting event NOW!


What you’ll get:

-Pre-event virtual crop the week of Oct. 10 (for those enrolled by 10/10)

-Live access to all 17 classes

-Five virtual make-and-takes

-Interview with Cathy Zielske

-Eternal access to class recordings and chat transcripts

-More fun than you can shake a stick at AND extra goodies!

FYI: The last day to register and be included in The Spawn of True Scrap’s massive drawing for goodies is THIS Friday, September 30.

Here’s a peek at some of the goodies up for grabs:

  • Simple Scrapper download – 1 year Simple Pages / Simple Projects subscription to 1 winner
  • 1 free class (choice of Keep Calm & Stay Organized, Light Your Fire, or any class in the next year) to 1 winner (courtesy of Jennifer Wilson and Erin Bassett)
  • Hero Arts digi goodies (courtesy of Jennifer McGuire)
  • Paperclipping membership (courtesy of Noell Hyman)
  • Digital Scrapbooking Basics (courtesy of Paula Gilarde)
  • “Exposure” online photography class (courtesy of Katrina Kennedy)
  • Jenni Bowlin October kit, plus vintage holiday release (courtesy of Lisa Dickinson and Jenni Bowlin)
  • Scraphappy membership (courtesy of Lain Ehmann)
  • 4 classes in each of Online Card Class and Inspiration Showcase (courtesy of Jennifer McGuire)
  • Pass for two to
  •  Class of your choice (courtesy of Shimelle Laine)

*Please note* that you can register clear up to October 20th but you won’t be included in the big drawing.

Nichol is offering an additional private class for anyone who signs up through THIS affiliate link called:


What exactly is a “B” side scrapper, you ask? Well, a “B” side scrapbooker is someone who almost always uses the “backside” of a 2-sided sheet of patterned paper. The “B” side is almost always a more understated, tone-on-tone or smaller design/pattern that the “A” side. This class will show you all the benefits of using the “B” side of your patterned papers plus give you lots of ideas on implementing them into not only your layouts but your card-making and other paper crafting crafts as well.

This bonus class will be available in early November after The Spawn of True Scrap Event is over and will include:

  • Exclusive content (layouts/projects that will never be shared anywhere else)
  • 30-45 minute instructional video
  • PDF handout 
  • BONUS Digital Die Cut Kit/Photo Template by Kerri Bradford made exclusively for this class

Email Nichol a copy of your receipt after you sign up via THIS affiliate link to and she will add your name to the list for this exclusive class. This is just her small way of saying “thank you”. Please note you MUST use THIS LINK to sign up. 

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  1. Dolly/scrapthat September 27, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    As much as I would LOVe to attend true scrap…it’s totally out of my scrap budget :(. I have no doubt she will have fabulous classes! She’s always inspires! :)

  2. Ellie A. September 27, 2011 at 8:04 pm

    Add me to the SUPER SAD budget.This is a BIG year in school for our oldest son. A wonderful amazing year and well Scrappy spending it seems is on SUPER hold its OK because it is SUPER worth it! I just can imagine how awesome this class will be!

  3. Rhadonda September 27, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    i am sure this will be totally amazing. I too must choose wisely when spending that amount of money and just can’t justify it right now. But more power to those who get to enjoy it!

  4. Andi Sexton September 28, 2011 at 7:40 am

    OH gosh…. what a list of goodies! What great classes! Gotta do some figurin’ and see if I can ‘pull it off’!!!

  5. CarolineD September 28, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I not kidding the B Side scrapper with bonus die cut kit from Kerri Bradford got me really close to pulling the trigger, but honestly, that’s too rich for my blood, and because of my work schedule I wouldn’t be able to do the live events. But seriously? Missing access to a KB set of dies?? It better not have the wonky honeycomb shape I’m wanting. :P

    • Kerri September 28, 2011 at 3:12 pm

      K, Caroline…you made me bust out laughin’ with that. lol Wouldn’t even think of it. :)

      And I can relate to the whole financial thing too. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. I’d like to know why we can’t have it all though. ;)

  6. Rhadonda September 28, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    yup missing the exclusive kb die kit is a killer. We can cross our fingers that these pages will eventually make their way to be seen on their blogs. Of course that will add to the torture of no access to the kit! Oh well, can’t have everything ( : Thankful for what i do have, so blessed for sure.

  7. CarolineD September 28, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    You’re evil. :D
    I caved and signed up.
    Bring on the wonky honeycomb. :P (just kidding, I promise!)
    And seriously – It was the B-side confessions and the KB exclusive – very excited about both. Just hope my manfriend doesn’t find out. :P

    • Kerri September 29, 2011 at 7:38 am

      Your secret is safe with me. :)

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