Awwww, my ‘happiness’ month is coming to an end. I can’t believe September is almost over? Where the heck did it go??? You know what would make me super happy? To have my office look like this again:


Oh how I miss a clean office! There’s been a few little changes since this was taken–like no work Mac laptop, but my big mamma Mac, and a few other things. This photo is from two 1/2 years ago . . . and . . . has it ever been this clean since? lol Maybe this will be my project over the weekend while I’m watching/listening to our church’s General Conference.

Anyone want to take any bets on whether or not I can get it done??? ;)


Since this is the last week of ‘happiness’ month, that must mean we have one more design team chica that needs to share  a ‘happiness’ for her. Let’s see what Miss Laura did . . .


[Shapes | Going Places]

What a FABulous idea! Love that she documented all her adventures onto one page . . . and that it’s a layout without photos. See? It’s okay to have to not include photos on a page.

Here’s what Laura has to say about things.

I have never been a big traveler, and our family has never taken a real vacation. So it’s been a big change for me, as I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling over the last two years, all for scrapbooking related work. I’ll be totally honest with you. I’m NOT a big fan of traveling. I think I have been on about 22 airplanes, over the past two years. I find that just getting to and from the events, completely wears me out and it takes me days to recover. BUT. The reason I put up with the traveling, is that once I get to where I’m going, I have so much fun. I love being able to teach other’s about scrapbooking and to be surrounded with scrapbookers that share that same passion as I do for paper and glue. So while the actual traveling doesn’t make me very happy, what I am traveling too makes me very happy.