happy halloween!

October 31st, 2011|nichol magouirk, projects|

Are you ready for all the ghosts and goblins? Did you eat all the candy already and now need to buy more? That’s what usually happens in our household, but we were good this year! Maybe it’s because I hid it in a super-de-dooper hiding spot. (And if my husband is reading this, he now knows there really was candy around. Sorry honey. :) )

So just how are you going to record all those memories? Have you ever thought about recording them all in one place? Check out this amaaazing mini album that our ever-so creative Miss Nichol did!

I love how Nichol added dimension to this background using items to overlay similar pieces. She also grabbed the pumpkin outline from the This+That Autumn kit to put over the pumpkin within word collage background. Smart girl. ;)

Love the patterned paper and stamps on the potion bottles!

[ Shapes | Foundations: Trick or Treat (word collage+diamond background) / This is Halloween (titles, potion bottles + skeleton under glass) / December Additions: The Dailies (“10”) / This+That: Autumn (pumpkin) / This+That: Freedom (star) / Feature It (photo template) ]

Here’s what Nichol has to say:

I created a bunch of 8×8 photo collages + printed them for my 8×8 Doodlebug album. The photo collages make it so easy to add photos/pages to my album each year + it leaves one side of each 2-page layout open to add fun die cut titles/embellishments + journaling!

I spritzed the 2 – 8″ die cut backgrounds with White Mister Huey and Shine Mister Huey for a fun distressed feel to my backgrounds.

I used American Crafts black cardstock to cut my backgrounds because I’ve found that it AC cardstock cuts the best on the Silhouette. I use other cardstocks at times but with intricate backgrounds I try to stick to AC.

I totally love this idea! I love the thought of having all the years of photos all in one place to enjoy seeing the costumes . . . and the changes . . . throughout the years. And Nichol’s process makes it so easy!

It would make a great “Halloween” decoration too. Put it out on the coffee table every year?

Great idea Nichol.

Well, I hope you all have a *ehem* spooktacular time tonight! :)

friday freebie | ‘did you know?’

October 28th, 2011|freebies, video tutorials|

Oh, you guys are so smart!

Many times when I’m making a little accent to work in my blog or on my Facebook,
I don’t think about making it into a shape.

Well, you can thank Miss Ona for this suggestion. :)


You can download this for free HERE

And now?

The moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

How to import multiple files (like KBS files) into Silhouette Studio!

Ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh . . .

The angels are singing again!

 Have a lovely weekend! :)

new kit | abc tabs

October 27th, 2011|digital shapes|

During my quest for making all things cool for Ali’s December Daily project, this concept popped in my head. And while it may not be for a December Daily project specifically, you could use it with that kit. I just had to roll with it! It was just too fun to pass up!

Introducing, the ABC tabs:


Price: $4

These monograms and numbers can be used for anything. Anything. Your husband’s name. ‘G’randma. Your vacation destination. Your child’s birthday. ‘S’anta . . . ‘H’alloween . . . . It’s endless!

And there’s that whole variety thing goin’ on. I can’t be satisfied with just one way. I liked both single-version styles . . . so . . . why not include both. And then add the fold-over style? Ohhhh . . . so lovin’ it. :) Um. Just did the math . . . that’s 132 shapes! However, there are only 33 files total, so don’t worry. There’s a file for each letter and that file has all four styles in it. Not only would it be a nightmare for you all to import 132, but it would have been nightmare for me to save them all that way. lol

I think I’m gonna change my name to Kerri Variety Bradford. It’s better than Vilula. ;)  Okay, so it’s not Vilula…I don’t even have a middle name, but I like Vilula (pronounced with an ‘i’ sound–not ‘ih’–and said with a southern drawl, of course).

On another note, we’ve had lots of new visitors here! Just want to first say welcome! I hope you enjoy visiting and that you’ll come ’round again.

And second, there’s been some questions on what exactly it is that I offer here and where they can be used. :)

So, to briefly describe it all:
Here you will find an assortment of fun digital designs for your digital cutting crafts or for your digital scrapbooking pleasure. Use the files with programs such as Photoshop/Elements, your Silhouette, Cricut (with older versions of SCAL/MTC), Pazzles, Klick-n-Kut, Wishblade or any cutting machine that can use the following file formats: SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG (unless otherwise noted).

I think probably one of the biggest questions I get is regarding using my kits with Cricut. Up until earlier this year, you could use any SVG file with your Cricut using the programs Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut. Sadly, Provo Craft sued both companies and therefore you can no longer use those program with the Cricut. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday PC will make software that will allow their fans to use SVG files as well as TrueType fonts.

So, if’n ya like what you see here and you want to Follow me, you can do that on the link in the right column. That way you can always be “in the know” of what’s going on here in these parts. I also have a Facebook page where I share sneak peeks, tidbits of information, and all that good stuff. ‘Like’ me if you want to be in on all that goodness too. :)

did you know?

October 26th, 2011|Uncategorized|

I find myself saying this a lot to my kids. Usually it’s in the form of some randomly useless entertainment trivia, but I really do know more than that. ;)

Occasionally I ‘ll do a little shortcut on my computer and the thought goes through my head, “I wonder if all my friends out there know that?” It’s nothing major, but helpful nonetheless.

So I thought it would be fun to start sharing these little nuggets of information on my Facebook, I’ll try not to make them too useless though. That’s the beauty of Facebook . . . ‘if you (I) think it, it will come.’ I think it’ll be a great way to quickly share fun tips on computers or Silhouette, a great site to check out, maybe a good bargain . . . whatever the case may be.

Just keep a look out for this little image on Facebook and hopefully you’ll be ever-so enlightened (okay, maybe that might be an exaggeration . . . ;) ).


And if you haven’t liked me yet? Um. Maybe you should? ;)

december additions: the pages

October 25th, 2011|digital shapes|

The beauty of doing a mini album like Ali Edwards’ December Daily is that you get to add whatever creative touch you feel like. And one of my very favorite elements are lacy papers. So go figure . . . just had to make a kit. :)



All pages are made in the 6″ x 8.5″ format that Ali is using this year, but they could be resized to fit any album as long as you’re not stretching it too much.

And you may have noticed there’s that variety thing going on . . . as usual. :) There are some just plain, some that have a simple border and some that have a specific binding area–it just depends on your needs.

Here’s some handy-dandy tips about this kit:

You’re not limited to using them for the December Daily album. Use them for Christmas cards. Put them in your Project Life. Make them 12″ tall, cut them on your brand new Cameo and put them on your scrapbook page. Possibilities are endless.

If you are using it as a page in a mini album, cut 2-3 of the same design and adhere them together to make it even sturdier. Mix it up by using a complementary color on the other side.

Layer it with a holiday transparency underneath (wink wink . . . not sayin’ nuttin’).

Or print the PNG files onto a transparency and use them that way!

Punch your own holes on the binding where you will need them.

I think these will add soooo much fun to your holiday projects!


the ‘not your standard’ halloween page

October 24th, 2011|laura vegas, pages|

I think that many times we struggle with color combinations, don’t we? The battle between photos and the theme? We have a Christmas page to do, but the kids didn’t understand the color coordinating that needs to occur so you can scrap the event and they wore orange???

I say, why fight it???

Who says we have to go with the norm? And when you can cut your own designs? You are the master of your creation!

Check out what our darling Miss Laura did on her Halloween page . . . soooooo love this!!!!

[ Shapes | This+That Halloween (Spiderweb+BOO)  /  Foundations: Trick or Treat (Diamond background) ]


It has all the elements of Halloween, but not a hint of orange.

Green? Yes.

Black? Yes.

Maybe red is the new orange? ;)

What a great combination of colors and shapes . . . works perfectly with the photos!

fab. just fab.

Here’s what Laura says:

When I scrapbook our Halloween photos, I hardly ever use the traditional Halloween colors that most Halloween products are made in. My girls never pick costumes in black and orange colors, or even purple, which is another big color that I see in Halloween collections. So I love that I can use my Silhouette and Kerri’s shapes, to design my layout around the colors that match what costumes my girls picked out each year.

I cut the grunge diamond foundation, from aqua pattern paper, to match the aqua in my girl’s costumes. I cut this shape twice, both at 6 inches square, and then pieced them together to cover one side of the layout. I wanted the spider web border to go the full height of my layout (12 inches), but didn’t want it to be too wide, since that side of the design was only 6 inches wide. So I cut the spider web a bit smaller (about 8 inches tall), and then simply cut it into two pieces to go above and below the photos. I cut my “BOO” title from both the green and red pattern papers, that I was using on other areas of the layout. I adhered the green letters on top of the red letters, using popdots, and shifting them a tiny bit to the side and down, so that some of the red letters were peeking out.

december additions: the dailies

October 21st, 2011|digital kits, video tutorials|

Alright boys and girls (okay, so it’s probably mostly girls ;)), we got ourselves a new set of kits a-comin’!

How many of you do the December Daily mini album
with Ali Edwards each year?


Each and every year I look at what she’s makin’ and am just so danged inspired by the clean lines with that bit of character. Oddly enough, it’s right up my *ehem* ‘Ali’. (I know, bad pun.)

So when a few of y’all asked if I could make a kit that would work with it?

My wheels started turnin’.
Asked Miss Ali if it would be alright to make some cuttin’ files . . .

. . . and away I went!

I’m excited to bring you the first of a few kits in a new line called “December Additions”, which are designed with Ali’s December Daily in mind . . . but of course can be used for anything . . . like PROJECT LIFE! I love it when a kit is so universal. :)


Price: $5

These shapes are designed to use on a ‘daily’ basis in your album. And right off the bat, you can see I have a few choices of each type of shape.

Choices people, choices!

I’m all about variety. You should all know that by now, right?

And all three number styles come in numbers 1-31. I’ve just narrowed it down on the example image due to space issues.

Here’s how some of them can work together:

Combine a “dec” with a date or use a great big number on your page. Both are really cool ideas.

Want another handy-dandy little tip?

Did you know you could turn a shape into a tag or charm? Here’s a little video to show you how using Silhouette Studio:

Okay, so I think that sums up this first kit.

Got a couple more fun ideas up my sleeve!

Can’t wait to share them!

ETA: After receiving a few requests, I’ve made a separate kit with all the month shapes made in the same fashion as December Additions: The Dailies. It’s just $2.

Here it is:

candy candy candy candy

October 19th, 2011|projects|

[Shapes | This Is Halloween / This Everything (Flourish) ]

I told y’all I still had one more decoration up my sleeve. :) Vinyl on a jar from IKEA. Simple.
And the good thing with this ensemble is I can use it for Christmas too (minus the skeleton hand).
I love a good two-fer.

And today is the last day to sign up for True Scrap!

Wanna see a sneak peek of the KBS kit that Nichol is offering when you sign up using THIS link?

If you want a refresher on all the details of True Scrap, go check out Nichol’s blog TODAY!

You really don’t wanna miss this! :)

new foundations kit: trick or treat

October 18th, 2011|digital shapes|

I love using a cut image for a background. I love doing tone-on tone to give it that embossed look. I need to do more of these. They are always on my list . . . including the blobular ones Caroline. ;)

So here’s a few fun foundations for your Halloween pages!

Of course, the diamonds can be used for any time of the year.

I test cut that spider web image at 5″ and it cut beautifully too! Love the lacy look with that image! And as I look at my little cut out version, my mind starts thinking of using it as a background cut in frosted vinyl to make it look like it’s etched on glass and then combine with some other funky Halloween image.


Now I need to find me some frosted vinyl…. :)

life in perspective

October 17th, 2011|Uncategorized|

[Disclaimer: I usually don’t like to get too church-ee here, but this just touched me so and I had to share it.]

We live in an amazing world of modern technologies and conveniences.

Sometimes when I look back to even the 70s when we had to get up to turn the channel on our television of 13 stations?

We’ve come along way.

So many choices.

So many possibilities.

The smart phones. The 200 television stations. The automobiles with dvd players. The internet. The convenience store with soda fountains to mix diet and regular Dr. Pepper. The mass amounts of stores. Choices everywhere.

It goes on and on.

But then you hear a story that just puts you in your place.

Last night Jordan was singing with a couple of her friends at a youth (ages 12-18) stake fireside (which they did such an amazing job). A stake=10 wards and a ward=congregation of about 100 families. A fireside is where some very inspirational people come to speak on doing what’s right and how to be a better you.

Last night’s fireside had a husband and wife speak. The husband’s job is to travel all over the world to visit seminary classes. Seminary is a place for the youth (grades 9-12) to learn more about the scriptures. Here in Utah the kids get “released time” from school to attend seminary during a period of their school day. Most other places outside of Utah will have early-morning seminary that they’ll attend at like 6 a.m. every day. I did that in Oregon. ;)

But as we found out last night, in other parts of the world, the kids will get together one or two afternoons each week or a Saturday, whatever is conducive to their lives where they live–from Russia to Bolivia to Zimbabwe. Some kids will take a 20 minute train ride or even walk an hour in the dark in Africa just to learn more about the scriptures.

What devotion from these youth.

Such a desire to want to learn and gain a testimony of the truth of the gospel.

Which I found really ironic as we were sitting in front of three teenagers who whispered and laughed and looked at pictures on their phones almost the entire time. It was very disruptive, especially when one of them started to sing along with Jordan as she was singing. I was thinking to myself, “Uhhh, we came to hear her sing, not you.” Dan, Kass and I kept wondering why they were even there if they weren’t going to listen. And if they had listened, even for just a few minutes? Maybe they’d have understood just how great they have it here and how much more that they have to help them shape their lives and be better people.

I definitely don’t think they remotely understand about their lives in perspective to other youth around the world.

But the clincher to this whole evening was when he talked about this man and his family of six from Africa (I believe he was the branch president–like a bishop of a small congregation) who would walk . . . walk 18 kilometers (12-ish miles?) every Sunday to attend church.

They would get up at 4:30 a.m. just to be there in time.


Can you imagine walking to church that far every week?

We live our simple little lives having no idea of what other people have to go through for their religion or even just life in general.

I can remember complaining about having to sit on the hump in the back seat of my uncle’s Camaro for 30 minutes to drive to church from Havelock to Morehead City (in North Carolina).

And this family walked for a few hours every Sunday.

And the sweetest part of the story was they finally could afford one bike. So they would start off their journey to church and the dad would pedal one member of his family on the handle bars to the church while the rest started walking. Then he would ride back, pick up the next person, and take them. He did this until all of his family had made it to church.

They were excited that they got to sleep in an extra hour with the bike.


I am in awe.

I just get emotional thinking about the dedication of families and the youth like the people he talked about. Their zest of wanting to learn more and to do what’s right to have an eternal family.

And then compare it to what we have so conveniently here.

I think it’s often taken for granted. I know I take it for granted.

As we were walking to our car and talking about this incredible family, my husband said,
“And yeah, we can’t even walk two blocks to our house.”

It definitely put life into a new perspective.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all. I was deeply touched by it and felt it was important to share. No matter what faith you are, this message is something we can all take into our lives. I felt it was important to share the message of devotion and about putting life into perspective.