happy halloween!

Are you ready for all the ghosts and goblins? Did you eat all the candy already and now need to buy more? That's what usually happens in our household, but we were good this year! Maybe it's because I hid it in a super-de-dooper hiding spot. (And if my husband is reading this, he now knows there really was candy around. Sorry honey. :) ) So just how are you going to record all those memories? Have you ever thought about recording them all in one place? Check out this amaaazing mini album that our ever-so creative Miss Nichol did! [...]

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friday freebie | ‘did you know?’

Oh, you guys are so smart! Many times when I'm making a little accent to work in my blog or on my Facebook, I don't think about making it into a shape. Well, you can thank Miss Ona for this suggestion. :)   You can download this for free HERE.    And now? The moment you've all been waiting for . . . How to import multiple files (like KBS files) into Silhouette Studio! Ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh . . . The angels are singing again!    Have a lovely weekend! :)  

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new kit | abc tabs

During my quest for making all things cool for Ali's December Daily project, this concept popped in my head. And while it may not be for a December Daily project specifically, you could use it with that kit. I just had to roll with it! It was just too fun to pass up! Introducing, the ABC tabs: Comes in STUDIO/SVG/DXF/AIv8/PNG Price: $4 These monograms and numbers can be used for anything. Anything. Your husband's name. 'G'randma. Your vacation destination. Your child's birthday. 'S'anta . . . 'H'alloween . . . . It's endless! And there's that whole variety thing goin' on. [...]

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did you know?

I find myself saying this a lot to my kids. Usually it's in the form of some randomly useless entertainment trivia, but I really do know more than that. ;) Occasionally I 'll do a little shortcut on my computer and the thought goes through my head, "I wonder if all my friends out there know that?" It's nothing major, but helpful nonetheless. So I thought it would be fun to start sharing these little nuggets of information on my Facebook, I'll try not to make them too useless though. That's the beauty of Facebook . . . 'if you [...]

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december additions: the pages

The beauty of doing a mini album like Ali Edwards' December Daily is that you get to add whatever creative touch you feel like. And one of my very favorite elements are lacy papers. So go figure . . . just had to make a kit. :) Comes in STUDIO/SVG/DXF/AIv8/PNG PRICE: $6 All pages are made in the 6" x 8.5" format that Ali is using this year, but they could be resized to fit any album as long as you're not stretching it too much. And you may have noticed there's that variety thing going on . . . [...]

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the ‘not your standard’ halloween page

I think that many times we struggle with color combinations, don't we? The battle between photos and the theme? We have a Christmas page to do, but the kids didn't understand the color coordinating that needs to occur so you can scrap the event and they wore orange??? I say, why fight it??? Who says we have to go with the norm? And when you can cut your own designs? You are the master of your creation! Check out what our darling Miss Laura did on her Halloween page . . . soooooo love this!!!! [ Shapes | This+That Halloween [...]

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december additions: the dailies

Alright boys and girls (okay, so it's probably mostly girls ;)), we got ourselves a new set of kits a-comin'! How many of you do the December Daily mini album with Ali Edwards each year? i.love.this. Each and every year I look at what she's makin' and am just so danged inspired by the clean lines with that bit of character. Oddly enough, it's right up my *ehem* 'Ali'. (I know, bad pun.) So when a few of y'all asked if I could make a kit that would work with it? My wheels started turnin'. Asked Miss Ali if it [...]

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candy candy candy candy

[Shapes | This Is Halloween / This Everything (Flourish) ] I told y'all I still had one more decoration up my sleeve. :) Vinyl on a jar from IKEA. Simple. And the good thing with this ensemble is I can use it for Christmas too (minus the skeleton hand). I love a good two-fer. And today is the last day to sign up for True Scrap! Wanna see a sneak peek of the KBS kit that Nichol is offering when you sign up using THIS link? If you want a refresher on all the details of True Scrap, go check [...]

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new foundations kit: trick or treat

I love using a cut image for a background. I love doing tone-on tone to give it that embossed look. I need to do more of these. They are always on my list . . . including the blobular ones Caroline. ;) So here's a few fun foundations for your Halloween pages! Of course, the diamonds can be used for any time of the year. I test cut that spider web image at 5" and it cut beautifully too! Love the lacy look with that image! And as I look at my little cut out version, my mind starts thinking [...]

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life in perspective

[Disclaimer: I usually don't like to get too church-ee here, but this just touched me so and I had to share it.] We live in an amazing world of modern technologies and conveniences. Sometimes when I look back to even the 70s when we had to get up to turn the channel on our television of 13 stations? We've come along way. So many choices. So many possibilities. The smart phones. The 200 television stations. The automobiles with dvd players. The internet. The convenience store with soda fountains to mix diet and regular Dr. Pepper. The mass amounts of stores. [...]

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