snapshots #2 and ttv

With a Snapshots ONE kit, you just knew there had to be a TWO kit, didn’t ya?


Just like #1, this has the three choices of plain, straight corners or rounded corners. There are also a couple of the templates that have a solid bar that can be used to clip in a pattern, change the color to match your photos, add a tittle or journaling . . . just all sorts of fun.

Both Snapshot kits would be amazing to use with your Project Life too!

So with all these frames–especially the photobooth styles, it just keeps making me think of TTVs.

What’s a TTV you ask?

Well, TTV stands for Through The Viewfinder.

Photography has been around for a very long time and many improvements have been made over the years, wouldn’t ya say? But isn’t it funny how we are still drawn to those imperfections of the first cameras? Those cameras with dust in the view finders, frames around the edges, maybe a scratch on the glass. All those nuggets of goodness that we can now–in our modern technology world–add to our fabulous looking photos and get a flavor of ‘way back when.’

All those years of perfecting the camera . . . and we still want it like it was? ;)

We have a choice now. We can have it like we took it or add a little flair.

And this style is even appearing in our camera phones now.

Gotta love technology.

So I was playing with the 3-square photobooth image along with these two TTV images.


I grabbed a few fun photos of Jordan and her homecoming date and clipped them into the Photobooth (3 spc) template. Then I added the brown-edge TTV and then the yellow TTV.

This is how it turned out:



Just love what a TTV can add to your photos!

You can find some really great TTV images HERE.
You can also search for ‘free ttv image’ and pull some up that way too.

And here’s a little video on how to use them in Photoshop (or Elements):


So that’s your challenge for today. Find a TTV, make sure you download it at the largest size possible, and put it on a favorite photo . . . see what you can make!

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  1. Sandra K. October 3, 2011 at 1:43 pm

    This is so cool!!! I love it. thanks, Kerri for this video.

    Sandra :)

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