Okay, so after not having the usual transfer tape and thinking I could just use regular masking tape and then picked out all the negative space . . . the vinyl didn’t come off the masking tape and onto my background. I knew I should have tested it first. lol

So rather than go to the effort of finding some real transfer tape–because, let’s face it, I’m lazy, I can admit it–I opted for the print method. Which still looks good, I just wanted the dimensional look on the fun chalkboard that resides behind the printout.

[Printable | Subway Art: Halloween ]

I was just tickled pink to find that frame at Rod Works! I have plans to use this as a holiday frame for subway art now (*hint hint*). But this would look just as amazing in an 8×10 frame, which I almost did. Because I thought it would be cute to wrap a couple different colored thick ribbons around the one side of the frame and dangle a couple tags from it. Maybe some funky button too. Aaaaaand, you never know. I just may do something with that idea for something else too. :)

I’m also contemplating that ribbon. I think I need like a 2″ thick meshy, glittery Halloween ribbon and not a 5/8″ ribbon. But when looking for ribbons yesterday, I didn’t find any that suited my fancy. That’s what I get for waiting to decorate for Halloween. Things go fast ’round these parts!

Anyway, that’s my Halloween craft for today. Got a couple other ideas rollin’ ’round in my head too.