Alright boys and girls (okay, so it’s probably mostly girls ;)), we got ourselves a new set of kits a-comin’!

How many of you do the December Daily mini album
with Ali Edwards each year?

Each and every year I look at what she’s makin’ and am just so danged inspired by the clean lines with that bit of character. Oddly enough, it’s right up my *ehem* ‘Ali’. (I know, bad pun.)

So when a few of y’all asked if I could make a kit that would work with it?

My wheels started turnin’.
Asked Miss Ali if it would be alright to make some cuttin’ files . . .

. . . and away I went!

I’m excited to bring you the first of a few kits in a new line called “December Additions”, which are designed with Ali’s December Daily in mind . . . but of course can be used for anything . . . like PROJECT LIFE! I love it when a kit is so universal. :)


These shapes are designed to use on a ‘daily’ basis in your album. And right off the bat, you can see I have a few choices of each type of shape.

Choices people, choices!

I’m all about variety. You should all know that by now, right?

And all three number styles come in numbers 1-31. I’ve just narrowed it down on the example image due to space issues.

Here’s how some of them can work together:

Combine a “dec” with a date or use a great big number on your page. Both are really cool ideas.

Want another handy-dandy little tip?

Did you know you could turn a shape into a tag or charm? Here’s a little video to show you how using Silhouette Studio:


Okay, so I think that sums up this first kit.

Got a couple more fun ideas up my sleeve!

Can’t wait to share them!

ETA: After receiving a few requests, I’ve made a separate kit with all the month shapes made in the same fashion as December Additions: The Dailies. 

Here it is: