During my quest for making all things cool for Ali’s December Daily project, this concept popped in my head. And while it may not be for a December Daily project specifically, you could use it with that kit. I just had to roll with it! It was just too fun to pass up!

Introducing, the ABC tabs:


Price: $4

These monograms and numbers can be used for anything. Anything. Your husband’s name. ‘G’randma. Your vacation destination. Your child’s birthday. ‘S’anta . . . ‘H’alloween . . . . It’s endless!

And there’s that whole variety thing goin’ on. I can’t be satisfied with just one way. I liked both single-version styles . . . so . . . why not include both. And then add the fold-over style? Ohhhh . . . so lovin’ it. :) Um. Just did the math . . . that’s 132 shapes! However, there are only 33 files total, so don’t worry. There’s a file for each letter and that file has all four styles in it. Not only would it be a nightmare for you all to import 132, but it would have been nightmare for me to save them all that way. lol

I think I’m gonna change my name to Kerri Variety Bradford. It’s better than Vilula. ;)  Okay, so it’s not Vilula…I don’t even have a middle name, but I like Vilula (pronounced with an ‘i’ sound–not ‘ih’–and said with a southern drawl, of course).

On another note, we’ve had lots of new visitors here! Just want to first say welcome! I hope you enjoy visiting and that you’ll come ’round again.

And second, there’s been some questions on what exactly it is that I offer here and where they can be used. :)

So, to briefly describe it all:
Here you will find an assortment of fun digital designs for your digital cutting crafts or for your digital scrapbooking pleasure. Use the files with programs such as Photoshop/Elements, your Silhouette, Cricut (with older versions of SCAL/MTC), Pazzles, Klick-n-Kut, Wishblade or any cutting machine that can use the following file formats: SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG (unless otherwise noted).

I think probably one of the biggest questions I get is regarding using my kits with Cricut. Up until earlier this year, you could use any SVG file with your Cricut using the programs Sure Cuts A Lot or Make The Cut. Sadly, Provo Craft sued both companies and therefore you can no longer use those program with the Cricut. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someday PC will make software that will allow their fans to use SVG files as well as TrueType fonts.

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