Ohhhhh, that Laura’s done it again! Look at this amazing gift jar of little notes that she’s made!


[ Shapes | Signed.Sealed.Delivered. (envelope and circles) / This+That: Lucky (flower+vase) ]

Now who wouldn’t want to receive that as a Christmas gift? I love this idea!!! My mother-in-law is always wanting to give handmade notes–but she ain’t makin’ them. ;) And I’m particularly fond of the tiny little staple at the neck of the bottle. I would have never thought of that! Love it! And I just love the cuteness and tininess of those envelopes!

Here’s what Laura has to say:

I have this huge collection of jars that I have stored away, that I used to use in my scrapbook studio years ago. I love finding new ways to use these jars, for gift giving at birthdays and holidays. I was thinking ahead to Christmas, and trying to come up with some ideas for gifts that I could make. I thought it would be cute to make some tiny little cards and fill up a jar with them.

I used the Fancy Long Envelope, from the Signed.Sealed.Delivered. kit, to create my envelopes from white textured cardstock. I made them pretty tiny, so they’re only 4 inches tall, and about 2 inches wide. I also the Circle Insets, from this same kit, to add some interest to the fronts of the envelopes. For the flower and vase, I used the shapes from the This & That: Lucky kit, and cut them from tan, green, and orange cardstock. After I adhered them to the front of each tiny envelope, I added a small staple at the neck of the vase, and an orange jewel to the flower. I also trimmed small pieces of blue cardstock, to slip inside of each envelope.

I created 12 of these, and added them to a jar, that I embellished with ribbon and a fun little tag hanging from a chain. It’s a cute little gift that you can give to a friend or family member, and they will have tiny little notes on hand, that they can then share with their friends or family.