Our fabulously amazingly creatively card making Shari Carroll
has a couple wonderful cards to share with you today!

Check these babies out!

[ Shapes | December Additions: The Dailies (both “Dec”+25) ]

I adore this box card idea! Not only do I think the dimensionalness (yeah, it’s a word) is fabulous, but I love that it can then become a decoration in the home!

(Hmm. I think I need to make a box that size.
It could be like the matchbox in the Freedom kit . . . just on a larger/wider scale.
Did I say that out loud?)

[ Shapes | This+That: Christmas ]

love.love.looooooooove! (said in my Joanne Worley voice)

This girl is truly gifted in the world of cards.

And oh my gosh Shari! You made the cutest banner for your blog!
I’m partial to that bird cage image ya got there. ;) Y’all should check it out!

In case you’re wondering where it’s from, it’s from THIS kit.
See? You’re not limited to using the images as cut files. :)

Love it.

And don’t forget the sale goin’ on!