I can remember as a child getting the advent calendars with a little piece of chocolate hidden within the perforated square of each day in December. Not the easiest way to do an advent calendar with three kids still at home.

What do you mean we have to take turns?

Last year I really wanted to make a fun advent calendar come to fruition,
but other creative deadlines didn’t allow me the luxury.

But this year?

Oh yeah baby!

(whoops . . . i was obviously experiencing a dyslexic moment.
22 + 23 should be switched in the pic. oh well. lol)


Price: $12

This concept is very unique in that it’s just so darned flexible!

So many choices.

The ‘calendar’ is actually comprised of little open boxes,
which are hidden behind the tag shape. So it’s a tag, with a secret behind it.

You can put candy in there, a little note, gum, a Hot Wheels car maybe, Lip Smackers lip gloss . . . anything fun and small . . . or even bigger if you want to make the boxes bigger!

I made mine (and the shapes are sized this way) at 1.75″ wide and 3″ tall and the box is about 1/2″ deep. Of course, in the wonderful land of die cutting, you can always make it bigger.

My plan is to get a 16×20 frame–no glass–and string three rows of wire to hang the boxes from with  clothespins spray painted in red and silver…maybe white….maybe black too. Of course, there are sooooo many ways you can display and/or use them!

Tie them to a garland with string.
Hang them from a string of lights over your mantle.
Use those IKEA hooks.
Skip the box and just use the tags.
Use them in your December Daily . . . or any Christmas page.

The list could go on and on!

I also used a mat silver cardstock that I’ve had for like ever . . . along with shiny silver cardstock.

You can also cut boxes from your own holiday paper. I liked the cardstock method and sticking to red, white, silver and black . . . but it’s all up to you!

Here’s some tips on making it:

Cut 21 white cardstock boxes (7 pieces of cardstock) and 3 red cardstock boxes (1 piece of cardstock)
Print the 8×10 candy cane background found in the PROJECT_Print_Files and use to cut some of the pieces.

Note:  Since first creating the kit, I moved the candy cane backgrounds into the PROJECT_Print_Files directory so that all print files needed for the project will be in one directory. They were formerly in the PNG directory.)

Assembling the BOX.

  • Assemble decoration first on textured/decorated side.
  • Adhere the reinforcement.
  •  Assemble the box by placing adhesive on the very bottom rectangle section, the two side squares, and one side of the back–all on the textured side of the cardstock.
  • Flip it over, and roll up the bottom portion of the box so that the pieces form the ‘tuck in’ part.
  • Fold the side of the box with the adhesive inward first, then fold the outside on top of it.

Adhere the Santa image, ‘making a list’ and ‘one’

Adhere ‘2’. Wrap string around, thread ‘ho ho ho’ and tie in a knot.

Adhere ‘three’ background tag shape. Adhere ornament and add real ornament hook and rhinestones. Adhere ‘believe.’

Adhere candy cane background tag shape. Adhere ‘4’ to red circle and adhere behind ‘Noel’. Adhere ensemble to box.

Adhere a small section of foam between the two slits of gingerbread man cookie cutter. Thread small grey strip throug