silhouette | getting cleaner cuts

One question I get asked a-plenty is "How do you get such clean cuts?" Some of those smaller, more detailed cuts with This+That can be tricky. Here are my answers to the questions in the order of which I deem important--for me anyway. :) Double-cut the image. Use a newer mat. Use a newer blade. The blade solution doesn't seem to make as much of a difference as often for me. I find that the mat and the double-cut will always make the difference. And of course, I love using American Crafts cardstock with Bazzill as my second choice. AC [...]

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freebie | the monster at the end of the book

So maybe this is the monster anywhere within the book. ;) (I loved that book, by the way.) My niece works at a mental hospital and found a cute little monster bookmark project for them to do. When she brought it out to show us at our family party? All the older kids wanted to make some! It was so funny, but they sure had fun! So of course I thought it would make a great freebie! A super fun project for all your little monsters . . . uhhh . . . I mean . . . kiddos during [...]

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making my list . . . checking it twice

presents . . .  check. cards sent . . . check. snow . . . wishing. store list . . . making. food bought for the weekend . . . not yet, but very soon. I know I haven't been around much this week, but if you saw my status on Facebook a few days ago, you'll know that I've just finally been enjoying the holidays for a change and the fact that I'm not bombarded with work. It's been years since that's happened and it's feeling rather nice. :) But you just know I have to share a page [...]

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here comes santa claus!

That's right boys and girls! The time is drawing near. Have you been good? :) Well, I think you have, so here's a fun little kit for ya. Price: $10[Comes in SVG/STUDIO/DXF/AIv8/PNG] Fifteen jolly shapes + printables for you to decorate all your Christmas pages!(and because you know i have a thing with choices, there are two styles of the 'santa parking'.) I can't believe Christmas is almost here! 

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caramel french toast

Goodness gracious! I thought that I had posted this recipe and went looking for it on my blog to send to a friend and realized I hadn't! I have to thank my dear friend Kristy Banks again for this yummy breakfast! This has become our new favorite for Christmas morning. It's something you whip up the night before and it's all ready to put in the oven, so it can be baking while you're opening your plethora of presents. I'm tellin' ya though, it's di-viiiine and you'll want to eat it more often than just Christmas. And....we do. ;)   [...]

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making me happy

So my dear friend Kristy Banks made me the cutest Halloween banner--technically for my mantle downstairs--but I put it on my piano where everyone could see it because it was just so darn cute. Christmas time came. And look what she made! Loooove it! I've simplified my decorating the past couple years. Decided I liked it that way. It's what I was in the mood for. So now when I look at this spot--which also often houses my Christmas village--I just smile. I love my jingle bell banner. It's just a such a fun and unique element to the Christmas [...]

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i am . . . a sucker.

  So many of you probably remember this guy. For those of you who haven't heard the story . . . he was a rescue that we found on our farm in Idaho this summer--skinny and limping. Or rather, he found us. I was a sucker then and couldn't stand the thought of taking him to the animal shelter and risk him getting put to sleep. He was so sweet and how could you resist that face. I thought we'd have more options if we brought him home. (We did check with the local places + checked for a chip [...]

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sending christmas cards . . .

As usual, my delusions of grandeur lead me to believe I'll be making so many styles of cards this time of year. Sadly, it's the 14th and I could only manage one--and a bit late at that. There's always next year, right? ;) And I thought I was gonna start early this year too. But here's a thought, use it in your December Daily for just a fun photo frame! So here's this year's card: Includes 2 styles each--distressed or plain--of horizontal and vertical PNG files.Price: $2 You know me and choices . . . gotta make something that will [...]

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recipe | cheddar biscuits

The minute my little friend Kristy said the word 'cheddar biscuits' I knew I had to have the recipe. Yummy! And it would be silly of me not to share it with you all, wouldn't it? Cheddar Biscuits 2 c. Bisquick1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese2/3 c. milk1/4 c. butter1/t t. garlic powder Mix until dough is sticky. Spoon into greased muffin pan. Bake at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.Mix 2 T. butter and 1/8 t. garlic powder and spread over on top of baked biscuits. Okay, so I apparently didn't read the 'top of baked biscuits'. . . until just [...]

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the freebies | now in a kit

I’m so glad that sooooo many of you could enjoy the freebies! It makes a girl feel all warm to give away things . . . so I guess I pretty much give things away purely for selfish reasons. ;) But if you missed the freebie goodness, no worries, because you can still get all the shapes for a special price of  just $3![click image to purchase]

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