This time of year is always crazy, right?

Need help trying to figure out what the heck to do for those last minute gift items?

Well, by golly, you are in the right spot because check out what is going on this week!


That’s right baby! It’s a blog party with none other than Miss Lori Whitlock!

I feel like saying “together again.” Lori and I worked together in the ol’ CK Kit of the Month days.
Then when I moved to Silhouette, I had to get that goodness there!
She’s about as sweet as they come and uberly (yeah, it’s a word) talented to boot!

This week we are combining forces with our a-maaaazing design teams to show you
some great last-minute gift ideas using shapes from both our stores . . . on both our blogs!

Can I just say how darned excited I am???

I’ve been seein’ what my talented ladies have been making, 
and all I can say is . . .

Wanna see for yourself?

I know you’re not really here to listen to me ramble on so. ;)

Take a look at our first design team member.

Hark the herald angels sing ba-by!

Your friends and family will be ever-so impressed when you give them one of these!



[ Shapes | Christmas Countdown (bird, noel, joy + holly) / December Additions: The Extras (snowflake). From Lori | Scalloped Gift Card Holder (SVGs on Lori’s site. Also in Silhouette store.)

Oh, but wait . . .
 (come on, say it with me)

there’s more!

[ Shapes | Christmas Countdown (large snowflake). From Lori | Winter Tree (other snowflakes–SVGs in Lori’s store. Also in Silhouette store. )

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. Great gift for a friend. Or even a teacher! ‘Thanks for adding light to my child’s life‘ and all.

Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas Shari!


Oh, and go check out Shari’s blog for more details on the project,
she just might have a little extra somethin’-somethin’ goin’ on!

Okay, but what would a blog party be without a freebie!
And even better yet? I will be giving away o