So many of you probably remember this guy. For those of you who haven’t heard the story . . . he was a rescue that we found on our farm in Idaho this summer–skinny and limping. Or rather, he found us. I was a sucker then and couldn’t stand the thought of taking him to the animal shelter and risk him getting put to sleep. He was so sweet and how could you resist that face. I thought we’d have more options if we brought him home. (We did check with the local places + checked for a chip to make sure we didn’t take someone’s dog.)

Well, after having him through the summer we decided that we just weren’t dog people, no matter how lovable he is. They take a lot of care and attention and apparently five of us could not deal with that. ;)

So, I finally put an ad in the local classifieds this fall. I had some really great people–outdoors-ee or worked with animals–that would have been perfect for him, but for some reason or another–too big/heavy, currently living with parents that say ‘no’–they just didn’t work out. We even had a cute young couple that actually did take him, but upon taking him out on his first morning walk, they were quickly–and rudely–told that the homeowner’s association didn’t allow rottweilers of any kind and they were going to be fined and they were going to call animal control to get him. Didn’t matter if he was mixed with a lab–his coloring looks rottweiler. This dog wouldn’t hurt a fly. They were heart broken and had to return him.

I have to admit, it kind of felt like we were giving away a family member to some degree.

And during this quest for a new home, there was a cute girl that lived in an apartment–with a smaller dog (a healer mix)–that really liked and wanted him, but when we took him into that small apartment, we just kind of cringed at the thought of him living in that small space. He’s a big dog that has our whole backyard. Luckily, her other dog wasn’t too keen with Otis. Otis was just a big baby and would roll onto the floor as the dog would nip at him like, ‘What? What are you doing?”

On our way home, we started talking about how Otis would probably mellow out if he were indoors with us because really, he just looooves people. He just wants to be with us. He would get soooo excited when we’d go out with him. And, after all, he was still very much a puppy. A rather large puppy with lots of energy.

My thought was, “How did we go from giving him away to talking about letting him come in the house???” lol

So because we couldn’t hook up with the right owner, Otis stayed for a while.

And stayed.

And came in the house when it would rain.

And then it got cold and he started sleeping downstairs in Zach’s room. Because I have a hard time thinking about them being out there in the cold–even if we had him in the garage. I know dogs do it. But that’s tough for me.

And now . . .








. . . he has a name tag.

It’s official.

He’s here to stay.

I am a sucker.

We’re all attached now. I mean, c’mon. He’s always been so lovable (except when he barks or digs holes ;) ). He’s so funny and has so much personality. He prances like a deer when he plays. Of all the dogs that could have ‘found us’, we got pretty lucky. Zach says, “I wouldn’t have cared if we gave him away three months ago.” Not to mention he sees those ASPCA commercials that just would kill him and make  him feel guilty about giving the dog away. lol

It’s true. He’s family now. The cat, however, has another opinion though.

They’ll just have to get used to each other . . .